Registrations are closed

Tournament is held on Level4, from 1pm to 3pm (though may go long is registrations are high).
Building L of the Footscray Park Campus, Victoria University
Ballarat Rd, Footscray, VIC


Online Entries are only accepted until the week prior (2nd Sunday of the month, after which there is a $5 late fee for competitors if accepted).

All competitors must be checked in by 1.05pm, with their equipment.
failure to do so will result in being removed from competition for the day
no refunds will be given.

All competitors must wear clothing that covers up all target areas in the bout (no exposed skin);
they are required to have a fencing mask (FIE approved; with a 1600N Bib or also wearing gorget).
they are required to have gloves and swords (dayhire is available).

To ensure the bouting is timely when called to bout, a competitor must be prepared to fight in 2 minutes, failure to do so will result in forfeiting the bout.

Excluded Target Areas

If there is targeting of excluded target areas (back head, elbows, knees, groin, hands) a warning will be given and any points on the target (if given) will be recinded. If repeated the competitor in question will forfeit the bout.
If repeated in a later bout, they will be disqualified from the tournament.

The purpose in the tournaments is to hit your opponent with clear strikes with the edge or point) on the target areas.
Successful hits will result in the subject of those hits gaining points.
Unsuccessful hits (that involve the flat of the blade or lack sufficient energy) will be ignored.
When the point total for a competitor reaches 15+ and is greater than their opposition, they lose and their competitor is declared the winner.

You will have three bouts in which the top 8 competitors will progress to the finals
which is a 3 round knockout.

The target areas include
  • The Head (3 points)
  • Torso (2 points)
  • Upper Arms (2 points)
  • Forearms (1 point)
  • Upper Legs (2 points).
Joints, groin and the back of the head are excluded targets.  If targeted a warning will be given, and if repeated the competitor performing the strike forfeits the bout with the win to their opponent, but no points awarded.

Your points to the competition ladder are:
  • Wins, the number of winning bouts, if the result is a draw (both competitor end on equal scores of 15+), then it is to first clear strike with no points awarded.
  • Points, which are the sum of points you have less than your opponent in bouts that you won.  If the bout involves a disqualification or both competitiors end at 15+ points, then no points are awarded to the victor.
These ladders will be published on