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Registrations are closed

Registrations are now closed. Please contact cycling@pihc.com.au for more information.


Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group

Registration closes on:

Friday, 5 April 2013 at 10:00 AM - (GMT+08:00) Perth



6th to 7th April 2013


The Number 1 National Road Series team champions for Australia for three years running will be coming to Perth and hosting an Autumn Camp from the 6th to the 7th April 2013.

Huon Genesys Pro Racing Team, previously also known as the Genesys Wealth Pro Racing Team will be coming to town with a 10 man squad of professional riders and their support team to run an Autumn Camp for up to 200 lucky cyclists who act quickly and enrol.

Lead by the nationally recognised and respected Team Managers Andrew Christie Johnson and Steve Price – who have been instrumental in the career development and professional recognition of riders such as Ritchie Porte, Nathan Haas and Steele von Hoff – they bring to you Pro Riders which include National Criterium Champions, Under 23 champions as well as champions at various national and international road racing programs within the UCI Oceania region.

Why Perth?

Perth is privileged to the inception point of such Knowledge Transfer camps created by Ian Wee in his capacity as Executive Director for the Huon Genesys Pro Team and also as Director Sportif of the Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group.  Known in all local circles of cycling for his cycling group and work as Medical Classifier for Cycling Australia, Bike Ergonomist, Community and Corporate presenter for all topics cycling as well as a radio segment exposure on 98.5 FM and now 6PR with Howard Sattler – Ian has seen the opportunity of these camps which coincide with the many cycling events centred around Bike Week 2013 namely the:

UCI World Series Event in Perth 11th to the 14th April 2013

Tour de Perth 10th to the 14th April 2013 – first ever National Road Series championships in Perth.

Dams Challenge 14th April 2013

Because of the popularity of these events and also because they are in many ways bench marks for many serious recreational cyclists and road riders – we have decided to host this very special Autumn Camp as the FINAL PREPARATION for you for the weekend leading to these events BEFORE you commence your tapering the following week!

The Huon Genesys Pro Racing Team in Attendance

Andrew Christie Johnson – Team Manager / Owner

Steve Price – Team Manager / Owner

Pat Shaw – Team Captain

Anthony Giacoppo – WA Resident

Sam Davis – WA Resident

Jai Crawford

Nathan Earle -

Aaron Donnelly

Jack Haig

Joe Cooper

Damian Harris – Team Technician

Ian Wee – Team Practitioner / Executive Director – Business Development

To check out the Rider Profiles for the Huon Genesys Pro Team go to: http://www.genesysprocycling.com.au/?page_id=5

Autumn Camp Details

We are aware of the fact that many of us are time pressed and that availability of a weekend before a number of major events might require advanced negotiation with the family, loved ones and for some even work.

As such we have created as best the Camp in segments which you can either nominate in part or as a whole.  Naturally we hope that you can attend all of the proceeds of the camp which in itself will attract an economy of scale.

The program details as follows:

5th April 2013 – Pre Camp Dinner with the Huon Genesys Pro Team. 

Healthy cooked foods to get you ready for the 2 day Autumn Camp.  Attendance of the Dinner is optional BUT this will be the event that will see the auction and sale of some of the most coveted items from our Past and Present Pro Riders and special offers from our many sponsors.  Details of the dinner are in the sign up.

Location: TBA in separate cycling media and Facebook outlets.

Time: 700 pm for 730 pm commencement till 930 pm (after all we have to then sleep to be ready for the training the next day!)

6th April 2013 Saturday

Each training day will be divided into TWO Parts:

PART 1: Morning: 8 am to 11 am – Hills Training

Lunch Time: 1130 am to 1245 pm – Caterer will be present for riders for lunch and drinks.

Lunchtime Presentation #1:  1145 to 1230: Nutrition & Hydration –Essentials for Cycling & Road Racing.

PART 2: Afternoon: 1 pm to 4 pm – Sprint and Interval Training

7th April 2012 Sunday

Part 3: Morning: 8 am to 10 am – Criterium Training

Morning 10 am to 1130 am – Cross Training Methods

Lunch Time: 12 noon to 130 pm – Caterer will be present for riders for lunch and drinks.

Lunchtime Presentation 1215 pm to 115 pm: The Importance of Biomechanics & Ergonomics in Cycling.

Part 4: Afternoon: 2 pm to 430 pm - Group Riding / Team Formation and Tactics.

Closure of Camp: 5 pm.

Locations for the 2 day training program will be provided only to participants who sign up to ensure the security and exclusivity of the Camp.  Locations nominated are of course subject to traffic management and compliance to WA Road Rules and can be subject to change. If the traffic and road arrangements require that the organiser change the time table – participants will be notified via email.


If you are able to attend only some Parts of the Autumn Camp we have provided a host of options for you.  Naturally we hope that you will be able to attend the WHOLE camp with the presentation provided.  Please see below:

Options Available:

Part 1: $60 per person (Hills Training)

Part 2: $60 per person (Sprints & Interval Training)

Lunchtime Presentation #1: Complimentary for those who sign up for Part 1 and Part 2.

Cost for those who sign up for only Part 1 or Part 2: $20 per person.

Part 3: $60 per person (Criterium Training & Cross Training)

Part 4: $60 per person (Group Riding /Team Formation & Tactics)

Lunchtime Presentation #2: Complimentary for those who sign up for Part 3 and Part 4.

Cost for those who sign up for only Part 3 or Part 4: $20 per person.

Total Package Option

Autumn Camp total package cost which is inclusive of Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 PLUS Lunchtime Presentations #1 and #2: $200.00 per person attending.

Costs Explained:

The cost for the Autumn Camp will cover the participant for the required insurance required conducting this camp and logistical and management services required for the promotion and inception of this camp. It will also include coverage of operational costs associated with the professional services of the Pro Racing team members and their management team, provided of snacks, water and hydration & nutritional supplements throughout the camp.  Use of support crew, team vehicles and first aid stations as well as limited traffic management will be required as part of these operational costs.  The costs do not cover the lunches.

Huon Genesys Pro Cycling Team Kit Purchase

If you would like to purchase the Huon Genesys Team Kit please click on the link below for more information and online purchases.



The lunch time meals for the Saturday 6th April and Sunday 7th April 2013 will be provided by an External Caterer.  The external caterer will be present each morning for 45 minutes before the commencement of the sessional Parts so that participants can place their lunch & drink orders directly with them.  There will be option for cash / EFTPOS facilities at the time of the orders.  The meals will then be delivered on location – fresh and hot at the designated stop points for lunch.

Personnel Support for Camp

Huon Genesys will provide up to 8 professional riders and 2 Team Managers as part of this camp.

Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group will provide up to 4 Level 1 Road and Track Cycling Coaches.

Perth Integrated Health will provide up to 2 health professionals in support of this camp at all time during the training program.

Nutritional and Hydration Support

Will be provided by Torq Australia.  The WA Agency for Torq Australia is owned and operated by the Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group.  Information on Torq products can be sourced via: www.torqaustralia.com.au

Huon Genesys Pro Team Attire

Participants will be invited to purchase the official 2013 Huon Genesys attire for this camp. The on-line link for the orders will be given to participants at the time of the sign up. Note that orders made 5 weeks before the date of the camp will probably mean that this attire will not be delivered on time and will need to be collected from the Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group.

Participants who purchase the attire and attain them before the Autumn Camp are welcome and encouraged to wear them otherwise the attire requirements per the Participants Equipment document section applies (see below).

The Huon Genesys Pro Team attire is supplied by Champion Systems.

Vehicle Support for Camp.

Provided and sponsored by Melville Renault and  the Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group. Participants are to note that they are required to provide their own arrangements for transport to and fro from the various sites where the different Parts of the training camp will be held at no cost or responsibility of the organisers or the Huon Genesys Pro Team.

Medical First Aid and Supplies

To be provided by Perth Integrated Health, Smith and Nephew and Rocktape Australia

Mechanical Support for Camp

Provided by Huon Genesys Team Technician. Participants are to note that any parts or equipment that is required for purchase will be done at their own expense. Perth Integrated Health will contract essential parts and equipment from Glen Parker Cycles and these need to be purchased at the individual’s expense and will not be covered by the organisers of this Camp.

Attendance & Liability

At the time of the on-line registration sign up, all participants will be required to sign off on an indemnity section removing any responsibility or liability on the part of the organisations, the Huon Genesys professional team riders, the Huon Genesys management team, the Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group coaching staff and support staff and the Perth Integrated Health management team, practitioners and support staff for any accidents, incidents, injury or death that may take place to participants or participants in the course.

Failure to acknowledge this and that cycling is regarded as a dangerous sport where all responsibility should be taken solely by the individual participant will automatically prevent you from signing up officially and legally for this Camp.

As a result of these conditions, your registration is therefore non-transferable to another person should you not be able to attend this Camp or decide not to do so after the registration has been completed on line and paid for on line.

Medical Conditions and Clinical Presentations

As the Huon Genesys Autumn Camp is about creating an atmosphere of safe riding with the appropriate skills and health – it is a requirement for all participants to report any form of known or diagnosed physical, physiological or psychological conditions as part of the reporting form.  This medical data will be held by the practitioners of the Perth Integrated Health who will also act as health observers during the camp to ensure that the health and well being of each participant is maintained.  These health professionals have the right to terminate your participation should they observe and deem that you may be in a risk category of injury or illness.  There will be no refunds should this be activated as it is the sole responsibility of every participant for wellness of their health.

Participants Equipment

All participants of the Huon Genesys Autumn Camp MUST attend this training camp with the following safety requirements:

  1. Wear an Australian Standards approved bicycle helmet.
  2. Use protective / racing cycling gloves throughout the practical segments of the course.
  3. Wear protective lenses during all practical segments of the course.
  4. Have with them TWO water bottles with adequate non alcoholic rehydration fluids at all times.
  5. Take their own food to eat if required during the time of the training sessions.
  6. Use a front and rear light in strobe mode even during the daytime sessions. Note no lights no training as this is an insurance requirement. No exceptions.
  7. Ensure that their bicycle brakes are in good working order and operational.
  8. Check for tyre pressures before each part of the training and also for potential tyre wear or punctures.
  9. Wear sun block for skin protection as you will be exposed to the elements.

10.  Must wear a visible cycling jersey or vest. DARK BLUE, DARK RED and BLACK cycling jerseys and vests are not permitted as they diminish visibility thus increasing your risks with other road users.

The organisers of this Camp reserve the right to refuse participation to any rider / participant who does not adhere to the above terms and conditions of Equipment for this camp. After all – it is your safety first and that of the whole group that is our #1 priority.

Road Rules and Riding Etiquette

The Camp will be held in open roads with other road users and participants are reminded and advised that the WA Road Rules apply at all times to them.

The ride etiquette will be established at the start of each Part of the Training Camp and reinforced by PIHCG Level 1 Coaches as well as Support and Management teams from PIHCG and Huon Genesys.

Please remember that courtesy goes a long way in our safety and also projecting the positive image to the whole community.


The Huon Genesys Pro Racing Team Autumn Camp in Perth is organised by the Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group in concert with its synergy partners and sponsors.

The organiser reserves the right to appoint support systems and equipment from its own suppliers and sponsors per its own sponsorship agreements.

The majority of the profits raised from this Autumn Camp will go directly to the operational cost of the Huon Genesys Pro Team’s appearance in Perth for the Tour de Perth which is now a National Road Series (NRS) Championship.

Important Dates

UWCT Perth 12th to 14th April 2013: http://www.uwctperth.com.au

Cycling Australia Track Masters Championship 8th to 11th April 2013: http://www.wa.cycling.org.au/

City of Armadale Grand Fondo 19th May 2013: www.armadalegf.com.au

Dams Challenge: 14th April 2013: www.bwa.org.au

Communication Channels

Prospective participants and participants should look at the following social media portals for updated information on the Huon Genesys Pro Team Autumn Camp:

PIHCG Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Perth-Integrated-Health-Cycling-Group-PIHCG/137988387218

Huon Genesys Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Genesys-Wealth-Advisers-Cycling-Team/261576819881?ref=hl

PIHCG Twitter Account: @PIHCG

Cycling Business Network via Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4415997&trk=hb_side_g

Autumn Camp Updates email Ian Wee: ianwee@pihc.com.au with your Name & Email address.