Sunday, 1 March 2020



Registration closes on:

Thursday, 27 February 2020 at 6:00 PM - (GMT+08:00) Perth


The Twilight Runs are a two-day, two-event series occurring in the evening, on 29 February & 1 March. Each evening visits a similar but different course along the coastline of Holdfast Bay. The first event, the Star Run, occurs along Brighton foreshore and second event, the Moon Run, occurs along the Glenelg foreshore.

Twilight Runs are strategically planned to occur on the final days of summer, giving us a chance to enjoy some of the last warm evenings of the season.

Due to permit constraints, there is a cap of 45 people for each event. Only the first event will offer the marathon distance, unless there is enough interest to host a marathon for both days.

Star Run. The Star Run utilises the course of ‘BrightonUp’, following a 5km loop along the Brighton foreshore, starting and ending at the Brighton jetty. Distances of more than 5km will involve more than one loop.


Moon Run. The Moon Run utilises the course of ‘GoGlenelg’, following a 5km loop along the Glenelg foreshore, starting and ending at the junction where Pier St meets the pedestrian pathway. Distances of more than 5km will involve more than one loop.

Course Map:
See Facebook event pages for the course maps.


There will be 1 aid station on the course. It is present at the start/finish of each loop and is passed twice per loop – approximately 4km into the loop and at the start/finish of the loop. The aid station will have lollies, hydration, and first aid.

42.2km ($55)** 5:00pm

30km ($49) 5:00pm

Half marathon ($44) 5:30pm

15km ($38) 6:00pm

10km ($33) 6:00pm

7.5km ($28) 6:00pm

5km ($23) 6:00pm

2.5m ($15) 6:00pm

*Listed prices are for standard registration. Late registration prices are $5 higher than standard registration; early bird prices are $5 cheaper. Late registration begins 11:59pm on 29 December 2019.If you wish to be guaranteed a medal on the day, you must register before the late registration period. Medals are free to anyone running at least a half marathon distance and $9.50 to anyone running a shorter distance. Personalised medal inscriptions (with name, personalised message, and/or time) are available for an extra $5-$10, depending on the type of personalisation.

**MARATHON: In order to ensure we have enough participants in the marathon for it to be recognised as official by the Australian 100 Marathon Club, we are not opening marathon registrations for the Moon Run unless there are first enough marathon’ers in the Star Run. A person does not have to register for both events, but the second event’s marathon will not open unless there are is least enough interest to host a marathon on the first event.