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Saturday, 29 February 2020


Blue Mountains

Registration closes on:

Friday, 28 February 2020 at 8:00 PM - (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Time to start ramping up your ULTRA TRAIL AUSTRALIA 2020 training! 11 weeks to go!

This BMF UTA Training Run is on the hard stairs section of the first leg of the UTA50 and the hardest part of the UTA100.

If you are a new runner to the event there is nothing like an on-course reconnaissance run to see what exactly you are up for on race day. If you are a previous UTA runner it is a good test to see where you are up to with your fitness and what you must work on to have a successful UTA 2020 run.

This year the experienced trainers from BLUE MOUNTAINS FITNESS have teamed up with THE BODY MECHANIC. We will align our BMF UTA Training Runs with THE LOCKER ROOM UTA Base Training Plans (Beginner/Intermediate/Advance) and the Event Specific UTA22, UTA50 and UTA100 Training Plans.   

For more info on The Locker Room Training Plans check out -

This run will have 3 distance options:

1. Scenic World to Hordern Road 19km

2. Scenic World to QV Hospital 22km

3. Scenic World to QV Hospital (22km) plus 10k extra.

BLUE MOUNTAINS FITNESS is one of only a few companies with a National Parks and Wildlife ECO PASS licence to carry out run training on the Ultra Trail Australia course. We have been training runners to complete the arduous UTA course for the last 9 years. We have highly experienced trainers who know the trails better than most. In 2019 we trained 500 runners over the various distances of UTA with hugely successful completion rate. We are locals. We know the course back to front! We have trainers that have been on the podium, won age groups, done all the UTA different distance events and even a trainer that has done every single UTA100 event!

WHY?: This is a perfect training run to get a first look at the UTA50 and UTA100 course or see where you are at with your training.  

THE COURSE: This training run will start at Scenic World and finish at Queen Victoria Hospital.
Total Distance 19-30km depending on your training requirements and pace group.
This is the first leg of the UTA50 course and the hardest leg of the UTA100 course.

DESCRIPTION: This run is based on the first leg of the UTA50 course. We will follow the UTA50 course from Scenic World, down Giant Stairs, to Leura Forest, up Leura stairs, along the Prince Henry Track to The Fairmont, to Wentworth Falls and along to Queen Victoria Hospital.

CAR SHUTTLES: We will organise car shuttles for the day. We will send out information on this closer to race day.

GEAR: We will be using this as a race day prep run and ask you to bring the UTA50 Mandatory gear -

TIME: The time taken to do this run will depend on which pace group you start with. We expect the slower group, "The Turtles" to take around 4 to 4.5 hours. This group will start at 7am. 
The faster group "The Hares" will take around 3.5 to 4.5 hours and start at 7.30am. 
An even faster group, “The Gazelles” is available if required. This group will start at 7am and do some extra k’s before heading off at 7.45am.

There will be options to swap pace groups during the morning to suit your pace.

EXTRA K's: We usually have trainers and runners doing extra time on feet or distance prior to the official start times. We will send out info on this closer to the training date. There is no charge for the additional K's. The extra k's will start around 7am. 

NUTRITION: Please bring enough fuel for this amount of time. There will be water stops organized along the run but please be self-sufficient for about 2 hours - 1 to 1.5 litres fluids.

INFO SHEET: A full information sheet will be sent to all participants prior to the training day.
This will include meeting points, training course map, PDF Map link, instructions etc.

ENTRY FEES: The fees for this event are:
$50 EARLY BIRD - register before 30th November 2019

$60 STANDARD - 30th November 2019 to 28th February 2020
plus a small booking fee if you book through Register Now.

Remember we are fully licensed and fully insured National Parks ECO PASS company. We arrange transport back to your cars after the training. Training with companies that are not National Parks licenced, uninsured, with unqualified/inexperienced trainers with no risk management plans is a recipe for disaster. 

PROMO CODE: If you have run with BMF before you are welcome to use a promotional code that we will email you.

If you have any questions, contact Tony on or 0402925608