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Sunday, 17 November 2019



Registration closes on:

Friday, 15 November 2019 at 10:00 PM - (GMT+09:30) Adelaide

Welcome back to the fourth running of the Seaside Coastal event.

This event is proudly supporting Bravehearts with proceeds going to help educate, empower & protect our Aussie kids against child sexual assault.

MIDNIGHT 10km - $20
MIDNIGHT 21.1km half marathon - $30
MIDNIGHT 42.2km full marathon - $35

 Every finisher of every distance receives a finishers medal.

 This event also includes the MIDNIGHT "ULTRA ONE" - $25 (strictly limited to 20 competitors)

 This type of event has been run internationally at various events for some years and was introduced with success to Australia this year.

It's a "Last One Standing" concept.
We will call this event "ULTRA ONE"

It is an approximate 4 mile or 6.5km out and back loop course where competitors get to start each loop on the hour. If you are not back and ready on the start line to start the next loop on the hour you will be eliminated. This will continue indefinitely until there is only one remaining who must also complete their final loop within the hour to be declared "ULTRA ONE" winner.

Every runner who does not finish a lap within the hour time frame will be awarded a DNF medal or trophy.

There will also be a small trophy for both the last male & female remaining in the event.

The winner will receive the "ULTRA ONE" trophy.

This is not a race but more about pacing yourself over the multiple loops every hour.

This will not be flat as we will be using the numerous stairs and ramps at the northern end of the course.

This event (ULTRA ONE) will be strictly limited to 20 competitors.

No need to go out fast because you can't build up a lead over other runners. As every new hour begins those remaining are all in equal first place in the race.

Who will be the inaugural ULTRA ONE?

**Please note there will be a surprise awaiting for this event to make things just a little bit tougher!!

For any further information contact:

Don't forget to request to join our "team BRAVERUNNER" Facebook group if you have run or volunteered at any of our events.

Don't forget also if you have run at least one marathon or intend to run one with a view to running many more then you can request to join our BRAVERUNNERS AUSNZ 100 Marathon Club Facebook group and online club.