Climbers' Association of Western Australia


to End June 2020

Registration closes on:

Tuesday, 30 June 2020 at 11:59 PM - (GMT+08:00) Perth


Hi, and welcome to the CAWA Online membership registration. The following is a bit of information to help you through the process. If there are any problems, please

Why be a CAWA member? Lots of reasons - CAWA represents climbers to the government authorities, members also get discounts at the gyms and gear shops, and you also need to be a member to participate in CAWA events such as climbing trips. The reason for this last point is mainly due to liability and legal issues. 

'Metro' refers to people living in the Perth Metropolitan Region.
'Country' refers to people living in other parts of Western Australia.
'Youth' refers to people under the age of 18 years.
'Student' refers to full-time students - at least 3/4 full-time study load.
'Single' - well, that should be fairly self-explanatory.
'Family' - not quite as clear as the above - how about this - two or more people that are closely related that live in the same household and/or partners (in bed - not just on a rock...) and in the same house, with or without kids.
'Associate' - generally speaking these are companies or other organisations. They do not have voting rights. The rest should be obvious - 'Interstate' and 'Overseas' - abbreviated in one place as 'IS' and 'OS'.

According to the CAWA Constitution, memberships run from 01 July one year until 30 June the next. But obviously not everyone joins in July! As such, the memberships are available on a quarterly basis and the price will reflect the quarter in which you join.  For example - join in July, August or September and you'll pay for 12 months, join in October, November or December and you'll pay for 9 months.
The exception is if you join in the last couple of months of a financial year, in which case you will receive a 15 month membership that will expire on 30th June the following year.

Most of this should be self-explanatory. But please note the following:
On the next page of the form there is a place for donations to CAWA, so please consider supporting CAWA with a few dollars more. 

If you want a CAWA discount at one of the shops or gyms and you haven't received your membership card yet, then print your receipt as proof that you've joined and are awaiting your membership card. Usually the shop/gym will give you the CAWA discount.

Finally - please understand that CAWA is run by volunteers and we do have lives outside of climbing - really! As a result, it sometime takes some time before you get a response. Normally you will receive a membership card, and if you are a new member, a welcome letter with more information, within a week or so. But if this does not happen, please be patient and if you still don't hear anything, then please email a reminder or a query to