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Saturday, 3 August 2019


Nexus Church

Registration closes on:

Sunday, 28 July 2019 at 11:58 PM - (GMT+10:00) Brisbane

We're so excited to host you at Revive.

Revive is a special one day conference for our Nexus Women. It's a moment to catch your breath and be refreshed - mind, body and soul. Join us for worship, workshops, freeing sessions and delicious food plus real connection with other women.

Bec Bean is our speaker for Revive and we're thrilled to be joined by Merryn Witham, a clinical psychologist who specialises in paediatric mental health and adult anxiety and adjustment issues.

We're really excited about our interactive workshops that are designed to help you reconnect with your emotional and physical health. Take a pilates class, hone your art skills or learn about nutrition. As part of your registration, you will need to elect which workshop you'll take part in on the day. To help you make your decision, our workshops are listed below.

Workshop Electives

Introduction to Scratch Art (maximum 50 attendees)

Join Yolanda Visser for an Introduction to Scratch Art where we’ll be creating a beautiful picture of a bee. Yolanda has been pursuing art for over 15 years including murals and commissioned paintings and is passionate about helping people explore their creative side. Learn something new and walk away with a piece of art you created yourself. No prior art experience is required to attend Introduction to Scratch Art.

Self Care & Walking with Jesus

Join Belinda Lewis, a qualified professional health & wellness Coach with over 10 years experience in the fitness industry & over 3 years experience working for Australia's most premium, residential mental health & rehabilitation retreat. Belinda is passionate about teaching women how to care for themselves and promoting a positive inner dialogue. In this workshop, you will learn how to practise self care by understanding the dimensions of wellness and finding your strongest value and how to live by it.

Parenting Resilient Kids

Join Dr Merryn Witham for a workshop focussed on providing practical tools and strategies to promote resilience in children. Dr Witham is a clinical psychologist with a particular focus in paediatric mental health and adult anxiety and adjustment issues. She is passionate about finding ways to help people effectively navigate the inevitable challenges we face in different seasons of life, in order to see people flourish. Her experience in working with children and their parents to effectively manage their mental health will be the basis for this workshop, sharing tools on building emotional capacity and resilience.

The Art of Pilates (maximum 30 attendees)

Join Georgia North, a qualified pilates instructor for the ‘Art of Pilates - You are as young as your spine’ workshop. Georgie is passionate about teaching Pilates and the importance of looking after our bodies and enjoys seeing people feel the benefits by getting stronger and learning how uniquely God has made them. This workshop will teach on the importance of posture, share simple tips on how to maintain a healthy body and will also include a short pilates class.

Flower Crown Workshop (maximum 20 attendees)

Join Tegan Swanborough for an interactive flower crown workshop. Tegan is a qualified florist who owned her own wedding floristry business as well as facilitating floral workshops for bridal showers and more. Tegan loves workshops because they’re a moment for women to focus on something other than the pressures of life. The best part of a workshop for Tegan is watching someone walk in, doubting their ability to make a flower crown and then the difference in them as they walk out, proud of a product they created themselves.

Round Towels & The Path to Becoming

Join Emma Henderson, Co Founder & Creative Director of The Beach People, as she shares a behind the scenes look at what it means to be a God loving woman and mother running a globally admired brand. For the past 6 years Emma has been on the crazy roller coaster ride that is ‘The Beach People’ as well as serving at Tweed Coast Church Kingscliff. Emma loves the simple life by the sea and is passionate about seeing women and men become who God called them to be.

Child Minding

We are pleased to offer a child-minding program for children aged 2 through to Grade 1. The cost is $20 per child or $40 for a family. If you have children in Grades 2-4, please take a look at Energize Kids as an option for you.


We have a Launch Week special of $55 for all attendees. This closes on Sunday 9th June at 8pm.

Standard Conference Registration - $70

Solo Mums / Students / Seniors - $60


If you have any enquiries, please contact the Events team on 07 3353 1377 or via email on