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Saturday, 30 March 2019 - Saturday, 31 August 2019


Central Coast

Registration closes on:

Thursday, 1 August 2019 at 11:59 PM - (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

The 2019 Central Coast Cross Country season is starting on Saturday March 30th at Pioneer Dairy, off South Tacoma road. Setting up the race shortly after 12midday the first (short distance) event starts at 14.30. The preliminary program is now available and has more than 22 races at 21 different locations including new venues and a team run. Twenty two runs are timed during the season for the overall age/gender/distance competition.

Each Saturday CCXC run is organised along three different loop tracks in two waves at a specific venue (see table below). The first wave is the shortest track (typically 2 km) and normally starts at 14.30. The second wave is a combined start of the medium (4 km) and long track (6 km) and starts shortly after the first wave has finished. This provides the opportunity to either do a warm-up run before starting the medium/long or to run up with family members that run the short track. Each track is clearly marked and where needed volunteers are posting along the track to give directions

  This overview below is subjected to change, please refer to the CCXC website for the actual overview
 Race Location
 1  Pioneer Dairy - South Tacoma
 March 30
 2  Mingara Athletics track - Tumbi Umbi (Opening track, BBQ)
 April 6
 3  Bushells Ridge Rd Wyee - Darkinjung
 April 13
 4  Kincumber Foreshore - Broadwater park Easter Egg Run
 April 20
 5  Mt Allison - Jilliby  April 27
 6  Central Coast Grammar School
 May 4
 7  Point Wolstoncroft - Gwandalan (12k)
 May 11
 8  Beach run - Umina Beach Surf Club
 May 18
 9  Wyoming public school, Maiden Brush Rd - Wyoming
 May 25
 10   Edgewater park - Buff point (12k)
 June 1
 11  Kincumba Mountain - Kincumber
 June 8
 12  Long Jetty bike path - Magenta Shores North Entrance
 June 15
 13  Rumbalara reserve - Springfield
 June 22
14  Norah Head sports club - Norah Head Darkingung
 June 29
 15  Crommelin Native Aboretum Pearl Beach
 July 6
 16  Ourimbah university campus - Ourimbah
 July 13
 17  Mount White or GlenWorth Valley
 July 20
 18  Pioneer Dairy - South Tacoma
 July 27
 19  Pretty Beach/Mt Penang/DoyleSt McMasters - Kincumber
 Aug 3
 20  Canton beach (12k) - Toukley
 Aug 10
 21  Fish CO-OP - The North Entrance
 Aug 17
 Team  Relays - Kincumber Forshores, Broadwater park
 Aug 24
 Presentation  - Fun run BBQ, Pioneer Dairy - South Tacoma  Aug 31

                    (location subject to change, please consult website for latest info)

As part of your registration you will also receive a new shoe tag that will not only time your weekly challenge for the overall division/age competition but also helps generating your personal report as (optional) emailed to you after each race. The new tag has a specific 4-digit number Nxxx, starting either with 2 for short, 4 for medium and 6 for long distances and makes it possible to flush tags finishing on the wrong distance. This makes processing of the results faster and more efficient. A second personal tag with another first number can be purchased at an additional $5 for the season and includes email reporting but is excluded from that distance point score. Season pass registration will be possible until May 26, so you can miss out on a few runs (but miss some competition points).

   Juniors (under 17)
Seniors (18 and over)
 Fee includes
 Season fee
$ 40
$ 75
 $ 210 (4 members)
+ $ 10 per child
  •  Rego fee
  • Insured during event
  • Personal shoe tag
  • Email report after race
 One off registration
 plus weekly race fee
$ 20
+ $ 3 per race
 $ 30
+ $ 5 per race
  • Rego fee
  • Insured during event
  • Personal shoe tag
  • Email report after race
 Single-day race fee
$ 5 $ 10  n/a
  • Insured during event
  • No time registration
  • No race report

During the registration process you will be asked for each participant to provide an email address and choice of event (Short, Medium or Long). This will facilitate your automated weekly run report. You can also opt out, not receiving the emails; the weekly results will also be made available on the website. For family discount please register each individual under/along the family option given on the next page.

Spread the word and invite friends to join up,

The Central Coast Cross Country team

Is it safe to use my credit card on this site?
Yes. The company providing this service is called “Register Now’ who has 1000 clients and 500,000 customers using this service annually. Register now uses the latest, industry standard, minimum 128-bit SSL encryption technology with an Extended Validation Certificate, when collecting any information from you, including your credit card details.
Do I pay extra for using the on-line option?
You do pay a small administration fee to use the on-line option and this goes to the company providing the service ‘Register Now’, not Central Coast Cross Country inc. The administration fee is approx. $2.52.
If I pay on-line, what will show on my statement?
On your statement, the payment will show from - VISA Reg Now*CENTRALCOASTCR xx/xx/19 Card Purchase
When is a family membership worthwhile?
If you have 2 adults and 2 or more children running and you plan on running more than 8 races this season, then a family membership is value for money. You also all get a free t-shirt included.
When is the season fee worthwhile?
If you plan on running more than 8 races this season, then a season membership is value for money. You also get a free t-shirt included.

What size T-shirt should I choose?

T-shirts can be ordered at the registration desk separately. The T-shirt with CCXC logo is 100% Polyester, 160gsm pique knit fabric and made from moisture wicking fabric designed to help keep you cool and dry. It complies with Standard AS/NZS 4399:1996 for UPF Protection. The sizes are specified as follows:
 Adults S
 Chest (in cm)
 50  52.5  55  57.5  60  62.5  65  67.5
 SP length (in cm)
 68.5  70.5  72.5  74.5  76.5  78.5  80.5  82.5

 Kids 4

 Chest (in cm)
 36  38  40  42  44  47  48.5
 SP length (in cm)
 44.5  49  53.5  58  62.5  65.5  67
How do I know that I have successfully signed up?
You will receive 2 emails from Register Now. One will be a confirmation of all of your registration details and the other will have your tax invoice attached.

Can I still use my tag from last year?

No. New tags are available with other numbering and are already registered in the timing system. False finishes (read tags registered to other distances) will be flushed by default making the processing of the results faster and more efficient. The aim is to get the results processed directly after your finish. Of course the point score can only be done after the last finisher and the quality checks. Please hand in your old tag as these will be reprogrammed and reused in future.

Can I run two distances, each with a registered time,  so a 2K with 4K or a 2K with 6K?

Yes. However only on two tags as each tag is designated to a specific distance. Your tag starts with a 2, 4 or a 6, depending on its assigned distance. Finishing a 2K run with a 4K tag will be flushed by the timing system. An additional tag can be purchased for $5 and is reserved on your name the whole season. Only your first, initial choice of distance/tag is eligible for your point score. You can wear both tags during the race(s), but not on top of each other risking detection problems..(one on each shoe). 

Can I save my registration part way through and come back it later?

Yes. By using your password you can choose to save it and come back later. After payment you can only change the contact details and distance category. This option closes on March 30th, 2 hours before start of the first race.

Will the on-line registration close by a certain date?

It is open indefinitely at this stage. As the season progresses, we will get less people signing up but it will still be open for those who want to use it. At the registration desk one has electronic registration as well, paper forms are no longer used.

Can I use School Vouchers to pay for the junior registration?

Also this year CCXC has requested approval for becoming an Active Kids Program (School Voucher) provider
In the CCXC registration through RegisterNow you will be able to tick a box if you would like to make use of the voucher for refunding the junior season fees. When formally approved as an Active Kids Program provider we will contact you and start the process.
What if I want to pay by credit card on registration day?

We will have laptops available on registration day that will have internet access for you to use to sign on but there usually is a queue. In order to prevent transcription errors and incomplete information it is the plan to ban paper (also more environmental friendly). In remote areas we will use a PDF form on a laptop.