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Nature Play QLD


Monday, 8 April 2019


Providence Community Centre 6 Amity Way, South Ripley QLD 4306

Registration closes on:

Monday, 8 April 2019 at 5:00 PM - (GMT+10:00) Brisbane

Do Kids Need a Neighbourhood Anymore?

A Neighbourhood Play Community Conversation


Presented by Nature Play QLD


This event is a partnered event between

Nature Play QLD - Providence - Building A Child & Youth Friendly Ripley Group


Who is this for? Parents, Grandparents, Carer’s, Guardians, Local Neighbourhood Champions, Local Action Groups, Community Groups, Local and State Gov Representatives, Local Business Owners, Educators, Health Professionals, all people interested in the wellbeing of our children and community.

Do you want a vibrant neighbourhood filled with kids playing-out regularly, connected, being active and social?  

Is a neighbourhood important to you, as an outdoor play resource for your children?  


- We need your input!

- We want to hear your story!

- We want to explore the possibility of starting a journey of creating/returning neighbourhoods as a place for kids to play, connect and thrive! 

Connected neighbourhoods are not only safe neighbourhoods for children, they are also healthy places for all

Please join us for this very important local conversation to explore ‘Do our children need a neighbourhood anymore’? and ‘is a neighbourhood as important as adequate nutrition, for our kid’s health and development?

The evening will consist of:

-        A brief presentation of the 'Importance of children’s neighbourhood play' from Hyahno Moser, Childhood Advocate and Nature Play QLD Program Manager

-        Documentary Screening - 'Till the Streets Lights Come on'-.

-        Networking supper

-        Facilitated panel/audience conversation, with local neighbourhood champions, centered on- Maybe Kids Don’t Need Neighbourhoods Anymore?

-    Hear from the Building a Child & Youth Friendly Ripley Group 

Guest Speakers- Hyahno Moser is from Nature Play QLD, is a father of 4 kids and is a big believer in neighbourhood play and connected communities;

“In my mind, our neighbourhoods are the most important outdoor play resource we can give our children. They need it to grow super happy healthy and strong. They need it to support their overall healthy development across the total span of childhood”. 

Date- the 8th of April 2019 

Time- 6.30pm to 8.30pm (with supper provided)

Venue- Providence Community Centre, 6 Amity Way, South Ripley, 4306 

Cost- FREE

RSVP by registering here- (for catering purposes) (link to booking page) but please free to just show up and bring a friend


This event is organized by Nature Play QLD in partnership with Providence & Building A Child & Youth Friendly Ripley Group 

Nature Play QLD is a not for profit organisation that aims to renormalise an outdoor childhood for of Queensland kids.  

You can learn more about how you can get involved from our website

We look forward to seeing you there, 

  The Nature Play QLD team!