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Motorcycling WA


Saturday, 30 March 2019 - Tuesday, 2 April 2019



Registration closes on:

Sunday, 24 March 2019 at 11:59 PM - (GMT+08:00) Perth


Course date:  Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 March 2019



 You must be over 18 years old to attend a Level 1 Coaching seminar and to hold Motorcycle Sport Coaching Accreditation (a licence).

  1. Excepting the following ASC online course, participants are not required to have completed any other training programs to participate in the Level 1 coaching course, however, practical experience in motorcycle sport as a competitor, official or member of an entrant team and a sound understanding of motorcycle riding technique is preferable.
  2. Before attending the 2 day Coaching Seminar, enrolled participants must register and complete the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and Department of Sport & Recreation online Community Coaching General Principles course. This is available on the ASC Learning Portal at 

Completing the online course takes the place of the post seminar assignments that were a part of the accreditation requirements to progress to Level 1 accreditation. It also ensures that participants have a basic understanding of their role as a coach before attending the 2 Day Motorcycle Specific Coaching seminar. It generally takes about 2 to 3 hours to finish the on line course


The Level One coaching course is an introductory coaching course developed by Motorcycling Australia in conjunction with the Australian Coaching Council (ACC) and National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). The course is approved and monitored by the ACC and NCAS. 
The introductory coaching course known as "LEVEL ONE COACHING" comprises of:

  1. The ASC/DSR online course (to be completed by participant at least 5 days prior to attending the 2 day course in person)
  2. 2 Day Level 1 Coaching Course incorporating:
    1. Sport Specific Coaching
    2. Motorcycle Sport General Principles of Coaching
  3. Undertaking 20 hours of practical motorcycle coaching – post course (within 12 months)
  4. Fulfil the Child Protection requirements of the state you wish to coach in (Working With Children Check) 

The aim of the seminar is to introduce participants to basic motorcycle sport coaching principles and techniques, so a uniform standard of coaching skills can be applied in motorcycle sport. Before applying to attend the course you should have a good understanding of how a race meeting works as a competitor, and you should be comfortable using the Manual of Motorcycle Sport. You should be familiar with all aspects of the discipline that you are electing to coach, for example, Motocross, Road Racing, Speedway etc.

The coaching course is not designed to teach coaches actual riding skills. Generally when someone shows interest in becoming a coach, they already have a high level of riding ability in their chosen facet of the sport. Although many consider elite level skills as desirable, they are not critical to becoming a good coach. A relevant fact that has been proven many times over is that not all football coaches were great players, and not all swimming coaches hold world records! However, great coaches should be able to contribute to the development of any athlete’s overall performance. The coaching course is designed to teach "coaching" skills, to create an understanding of the management of a coaching session under an MWA coaching permit. Basically we’re teaching the coach how to coach not how to compete on a bike..

The course runs over a weekend, and usually commences at 8.30am, and runs till approx. 4:30pm each day. At the conclusion of this 2 day course, all successful participants will be accredited as Level O Coaches. As soon as the participants have logged 20 hours of Coaching practice, post course, they will be accredited with Level 1 status. 

For the practical assessment aspect of the Sunday seminar it is desirable to bring a motorcycle or riding apparel suitable for participation in the compulsory coaching presentation.The course presenter will talk you through various methods of delivering your Sunday presentation at the end of the Saturday seminar. All Coaching trainees at this course will be required to participate in these practical presentations as instructors as well as pupils while going through coaching lesson scenarios.  

MA has a fairly comprehensive course manual that is worth going through prior to the course. It is a little large to post (but posting is possible) or you can pick one up from the MWA offices if you would like to do some preliminary background work. Training manuals, and all other course information is provided by Motorcycling WA.  Participants in the course should be prepared to bring their own motorcycle, and appropriate safety gear for day two of the course. This equipment is not provided. 


To complete the Level 1 Coaching accreditation requirements, the applicant must also log twenty hours of practical coaching experience post course. Our Sport Development Officer will be only too happy to monitor your performance and assist you in your coaching activities. The total accreditation process will take at least three months, but must be completed within twelve months after participating in the course. When the participant has attended the training courses, and completed the twenty hours practical experience, an application may be submitted to the Motorcycling WA for an upgrade endorsement to Level One accreditation. 

For more information about coaching or the Level One Motorcycling Specifics seminar you can contact Motorcycling WA Sport Operations Manager, Mark Gill on 0484 000 559.