Western Australian Fencing Association


Tuesday, 1 January 2019 - Tuesday, 31 December 2019


Western Australia

Registration closes on:

Tuesday, 31 December 2019 at 11:59 PM - (GMT+08:00) Perth

FencingWA Membership ('Affiliation') is required to participate in most FencingWA events including the election of the Board and other processes that affect the direction of the sport of Fencing in Western Australia.  FencingWA also provides a number of important services, including:

- Personal injury insurance should you incur medical expenses from an injury in fencing (including at Club level);

- Training of coaches and referees to support competition and fencing development;

- Promotion of fencing in order to grow our sport, create stronger competition, and support individual development;

- Representation of the sport of fencing to the Western Australian Government, and to other sporting bodies such as the Western Australian Sports Federation, and WA Institute of Sport.  This includes seeking funding to further develop our sport through grants and sponsorship;

Capitation with the Australian Fencing Federation (AFF) is required to participate in national events including open Australian Fencing Circuit (AFC) events and cadet, junior and open Australian Championships.

All fencers are strongly encouraged to join FencingWA and the AFF.  Both FencingWA and the AFF are run almost exclusively by volunteers, and greater participation leads to a stronger and more enjoyable sporting experience.

The Board has set membership fees and coaching levies for the 2019 season as follows:

Adult State Affiliation - $60;

Junior State Affiliation - $55 for Juniors (under 20);

Adult Affiliation with AFF Capitation - $122;

Junior Affiliation with AFF Capitation - $90

Friends of Fencing will remain at $10;
Coaching levies will be $125 for Juniors and $250 for Cadets. We will also be introducing a coaching levy of $50 for Open fencers for the national Open Final. This levy does not apply to Veteran fencers who are fencing only at Veteran level.

This online service, RegisterNow, also charges a small booking fee (3%) in addition to the above charges.