EMDR Association of Australia Ltd


Saturday, 1 December 2018 - Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Registration closes on:

Tuesday, 31 December 2019 at 11:59 PM - (GMT+08:00) Perth

Welcome to the EMDR Association of Australia NEW MEMBERSHIP Application.

Our subscription year runs from for 365 days from the date you join. 

If you had a 2018 Membership, DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO RENEW FOR 2019 .   If you do, you will have 2 memberships AND cause a burden for those who have to then resolve this issue. Renewal notices for 2018 members were emailed 17 December 2018.    Regular renewal reminders will be sent until you renew.  Your membership will not be terminated unless you fail to renew by 30 March 2019.

If you enjoyed Member benefits for 2018 but did not pay your 2018 subscription you have removed from the membership list and will have to rejoin, using this application, AND PAY AN ADDITIONAL REJOINING FEE, INCLUDED IN THIS APPLICATION. 

 New Zealand Applicants: Please note Australia is the default country.  When you enter your address you need to change the country to New Zealand, then NZ towns and cities will show in the suburb field. When you enter phone numbers, change the country flag to NZ so NZ format numbers are accepted. 

Full Members: Once your Application for Full Membership has been received it will be sent to our Membership Secretary for verification of eligibility.  Once that has been confirmed your Application for Membership will be ratified at the next EMDRAA Board meeting, in accordance with our Constitution.   The Board meets monthly, so it may take up to 4 weeks for you to be advised of the outcome. 

A Full Member is someone who has completed their EMDR Training.  i.e. Part One, Part Two, AND 10 hours of Case Consultation with an EMDRAA Approved Consultant.  Only Full Members can be listed on the Find a Therapist Service.  If you are not eligible for Full Membership, join as an Associate Member.

Any questions, contact the Association on