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Saturday, 1 December 2018 at 6:00 AM - (GMT+10:00) Hobart

How MiniMed™ Miles Virtual Fun Run works

1. What is MiniMed™ Miles?
PACED has partnered with Medtronic Diabetes Australia to host this epic event!  PACED is responsible for the registration, bib creation, MiniMed™ Miles medal & swag shipment, answering questions, donating to MiniMed™ Miles  on behalf of the PACED community and all other race related activities.  You can visit our site at  and find us on Facebook at:

2. What is a virtual run & When should i Run / Walk / Swim / Bike ?
A virtual run/walk/bike is one you can do anywhere and anytime during the event time line.  You can run/walk indoors on a treadmill or outside along your favourite route.  Anytime you like.

3. Where can I find the most up to date MiniMed™ Miles information?
Make sure to like the Facebook page
Check out

4.  Where should I Run / Walk / Swim / Bike?
Wherever you would like!  It’s YOUR choice!  Run indoors or outdoors.  Run where you like and where you are comfortable and safe.

5.  How do I track my distance?
You have several options!  We do encourage that you to finish your distance and show us how you did!  A virtual run/walk/swim/bike is on the honour system and you can chose to have your time officially recorded by emailing with a link to your Garmin report, strava (or similar run keeping device or smartphone app) or take a picture of the distance and time on the treadmill.  We encourage everyone to take a picture to share on our Facebook page and tell us when and where in the world you took part in the event. SHARE your success!  This is an opportunity for all of us to come together as a community and celebrate together!  That’s the best part of any 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon or any distance of your choosing.

6.  Why should I post pictures, collages, runfies, selfies and pictures on the Facebook page?
So we can all celebrate one another and show the world that type one diabetics can take on anything they put their minds too and also celebrate with our family and friends who join us in taking part in this amazing event.  In doing so we will educate and help those living with type one diabetes.

7. What Hashtag should I use when posting to Social Media?
Let's let the WORLD know who PACED is and what we are all about!!  Anytime you post about the event, use the hashtag: #settingthepace #getpumped.

8.  Should I post pictures to other Social Media?
YES PLEASE!  Post to Facebook.  
Just make sure to use the hashtag #settingthepace or #getpumped

9. When will MiniMed™ Medal  be post and certificate available for download?

 We are  excited to get the MiniMed™  Medals in the hands of everyone!!!! PACED will be shipping all  MiniMed™  Medals.  We will be shipping via Australia Post.  This typically takes 3-5 days for delivery in Australia and International typically take 2 to 3 weeks.  All  MiniMed™  Medals will be shipped with 21 days of completing the event any merchandise you have purchased will also be sent at this time.  

10. Where will my medal be shipped?
Your MiniMed™ Medal will be shipped to the address you have used while entering the event on Register Now. If you need your MiniMed™ Medal shipped to a different address, you need to send an email to .  If your update is not received by then, PACED is not responsible for the MiniMed™ Medal being shipped to an outdated and or wrong address.  Another MiniMed™ Medal will not be shipped as a replacement.

 11. How much will be donated by PACED?
Once the event has closed, PACED will calculate all costs and the profit after the associated cost will be donated toward funding insulin pumps.  This will be published on the PACED web site and social media channels.

 12.  What happens if I have more questions?