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Sunday, 24 February 2019


Onslow Park and Camden War Memorial Pool, Argyle St

Registration closes on:

Sunday, 17 February 2019 at 11:59 PM - (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Thanks for entering the 2019 Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon! Please read the below prior to starting your Registration form to ensure that you select the correct entry option.  

When entering, please FIRST consider if your TRYathlete will be participating as;
  • An Individual Participant: Completing all three legs (swim, bike and run) of the TRYathlon course themselves, completing the two legs of the Aquathlon (swim and run) themselves, or
  • As part of a Junior or Senior Team of Two: One team member completes the swim leg, the other the bike leg, and both team members complete the run leg together.
  • As part of a Family: with 3 or more individuals competing by themselves.
  • Please note all participants must be aged from 7 to 15 years of age on event day.
After choosing either of these entry options, you will have the opportunity to search for and join your SCHOOL GROUP, if your school has created one. If your School does is not listed, then go back to Registration Type and CREATE SCHOOL before continuing with your registration. For more details see below.   INDIVIDUAL ENTRY There are two entry options for individuals::
  • INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT - Please select if participant is entering as an individual and is completing all three legs (swim, bike and run) of the TRYathlon by themselves.
  • CREATE A FAMILY - Please select if entering 3 or more family members at once and each participant is completing all three legs (swim, bike and run) of the TRYathlon by themselves. Family Groups of 3 or more receive a discount.
TEAM ENTRY Team Entry criteria are as follows:
  • Teams are limited to a maximum of 2 participants.
  • One team member completes the Swim, one completes the Bike and they both complete the Run together.
  • The Team options are;
  • JUNIOR TEAMS: Both participants must be aged 7-10 years of age on event day.
  • SENIOR TEAMS: Both participants must be aged 11-15 years of age on event day.

This option allows you to create your own team of 2 participants. When creating your team you will need to create a Team name and nominate a Team Captain – this will be the first team participant entered. You will then have the option to enter either one or both team member’s details. Please note that you are not required to enter both team members when creating a team, instead you can invite team members to JOIN your team by sending them an email invitation. They are then able to JOIN your team and enter, by using the link in their email invitation.

If you have misplaced your email invitation to join a team, you can choose this option to enter your team name and request a new email invitation from the team captain.

Schools are able to CREATE A SCHOOL GROUP that their students can link to when they enter. SCHOOL GROUPS provide schools with a number of benefits including the opportunity to win prizes and more.