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Beverley Districts MCC


Saturday, 24 November 2018


Kellerberrin Speedway Track

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Saturday, 24 November 2018 at 11:59 PM - (GMT+08:00) Perth

2018 Wheatbelt Arena Cross Supplementary Regulations ANNOUNCEMENTS AND JURISDICTIONS - The Beverley Districts MC and Kellerberrin Speedway Club will conduct the meeting at Kellerberrin Speedway Hoyle Road Kellerberrin in conjunction with the Manuel of Motorcycling Sport General Competition Rules of Motorcycling Australia, these Supplementary Regulations and additions and amendments approved by Motorcycling WA. The event is open to holders of Senior or Junior National Competitive Licence. One day licences will be available for senior riders only and can be purchased through MWA or by contacting the race secretary before the event. 1. OFFICIALS Officials are appointed with the approval of Motorcycling WA. Control will be under the Clerk of Course with the supervision of the Steward’/s of the meeting whom reserve the right to alter, postpone or cancel all or part of the event program if required, without notice. Steward TBA Clerk of Course TBA Race Secretary Meaghan Andrews Chief Scrutineer TBA 2. ELIGIBLE CLASSES AND EVENT SCHEDULE Class Laps Junior 1 Div 1 50cc - non competitive 4 2 50cc Auto 7-U9 4 3 65cc 7-U10 4 4 65cc 10 - U12 4 5 85cc Std 9 - U12 5 6 85cc Bw 12-U16 6 7 Junior Lites 125/250 13-U16 8 Senior 8 Pro Open 12 9 Pro Lites 12 10 Inter Open 10 11 Inter Lites 10 12 Clubman Open 8 13 Clubman Lites 8 14 Vets 35 - U55 8 15 Masters 55+ 8 16 Women 10 knock Out - Shoot out Bikes must be display plate colours as per the 2018 Moms rule Failure to do so may incur penalties. Knock Out Shoot Out (Seniors) will be conducted as the Feature Race and eligibility will be first 25 to the gate. Each Heat will be over 3 Laps. On conclusion of 1st heat field will be eliminated to 12 riders. On conclusion of 2nd heat field will be eliminated to 6 riders. On conclusion of 3rd heat field will be eliminated to 3 riders. Final heat, Heat 4 will decide winner. 3. TRANSPONDERS will be compulsory at this meeting. If you have your own transponder you will need to pay the admin fee only. They will be available to hire at a cost of $10 and $5 Admin Fee. The hirer is responsible to ensure transponders are returned in good condition, and is responsible for loss/damage, transponders must be returned at the end of the event meeting/or if due to machine failure or injury before the machine leaves the pit area. The onus is on the guardian/rider to ensure transponders are on machines prior to each event. Transponder brackets are available for purchase for $15 at the venue. 4. TIME SCHEDULE Pits Open 12 noon Pits Close (junior) 2:00 PM Junior Riders Brief 2.10 pm Junior Practise 2.15pm Junior First Race 3:00 PM Junior Presentations 30min Following last race Pits Close (Senior) 5:00 PM Seniors Riders Brief 5.15pm Senior Practice Approx 5.30pm Senior First Race Approx 6.45pm Knock Out Shoot Out Between rounds 2 and 3 Senior Presentations 30min Following Last Race 5. MAXIMUM NUMBERS All classes will be restricted to a maximum grid of 25 riders. 6. MINIMUM NUMBERS The minimum number of entries on the day required to constitute a class will be ten (10) Solos. The minimum will be determined from the number of bona fide riders at the start of practice. ** If the minimum numbers are not reached on the day the riders for that class will be able to ride but may not be scored. 7. ENTRY FEE AND CONDITIONS Class Entry Fee Transponder Total Div 1 50cc - non competitive $ 40.00 50cc Auto 7-U9 $ 50.00 $ 15.00 $ 65.00 65cc 7-U10 $ 50.00 $ 15.00 $ 65.00 65cc 10 - U12 $ 50.00 $ 15.00 $ 65.00 85cc Std 9 - U12 $ 50.00 $ 15.00 $ 65.00 85cc Bw 12-U16 $ 50.00 $ 15.00 $ 65.00 Junior Lites 125/250 13-U16 $ 50.00 $ 15.00 $ 65.00 Pro Open $ 65.00 $ 15.00 $ 80.00 Pro Lites $ 65.00 $ 15.00 $ 80.00 Inter Open $ 65.00 $ 15.00 $ 80.00 Inter Lites $ 65.00 $ 15.00 $ 80.00 Clubman Open $ 65.00 $ 15.00 $ 80.00 Clubman Lites $ 65.00 $ 15.00 $ 80.00 Vets 35 - U55 $ 65.00 $ 15.00 $ 80.00 Masters 55+ $ 65.00 $ 15.00 $ 80.00 Women $ 65.00 $ 15.00 $ 80.00 Entries Close Friday 16th Nov but late entries will be accepted until Friday 23nd Nov and will incur a $50 Late fee and is payable in addition to the entry fee. To be eligible for a refund, you must notify the race secretary 2 day prior to the event and have a legitimate reason. However, you may be asked to show proof ie medical certificate etc. Refunds will incur a $20 administration fee. All refunds will be paid as soon as practical by the promotor. Competitors entering more than one class must pay the full entry fee for each class as listed. You have the option of hiring a transponder with each entry or not. You can use the same transponder, if you are suing the same transponder the onus is on the rider to ensure that the transponder is attached for each race. Entries must be completed via Register Now though the appropriate link advertised on Beverley MCC Facebook page or via Motorcycling WA’s website or directly through register now. For enquiries, please contact the Race Secretary Meaghan Andrews on 0439484353. Competitors must be current registered members of an affiliated club. Competitors must be able to produce proof of current club membership, either by membership card, receipt and present with current competition Licence and Log Book (if applicable) at machine examination for inspection. If under any circumstances the event is abandoned, or an entry is not accepted, all entry fees less $20 will be returned. The promotor reserves the right to postpone, cancel, or change the programme, if necessary, with Motorcycling Western Australia approval prior to the meeting, or with the permission from the MWA Steward/s on the day of the meeting. Control will be under the Clerk of Course with supervision from the Steward/s whose interpretation of the rules shall be final. 8. MACHINE EXAMINATION - JUNIORS Machine Examining: 12PM to 2PM sharp with riders brief at 2.10PM. All riders to be signed on by a parent before proceeding to scrutineering. Signed in riders will be given a wrist band once licence and log book checked. All competitors must present themselves with their MA Licence, Proof of current club membership, Log Book & Full Riding attire for inspection. Machine identification number(s) on bike and rider as per GCR’s. Riders must have Helmets on their head by the time they reach the machine examiner. Any competitor presented without these requirements will be rejected. SENIORS Machine Examination will be from 3pm must present at Sign-in with, helmet boots and proof of back numbers as well as current licence and club membership and bike. Signin in and scrutineering will be from 3pm – 5pm ALL MACHINES MUST CONFORM TO THE MANUAL OF MOTORCYCLE SPORT. An MWA decal must be affixed to the front number plate. Eligibility checks can take place at any time during the meeting. Machines which suffer accident damage in practice or race sessions must be re-examined before participating again. Noise testing as per GCR 11.2 and appendix C. Tear Off Ban Appendix A – Automatic exemption for events held at temporary tracks and venues. No Helmet cams allowed unless manufacturer fitted and mounts removed as per GCR’s unless advised of exemption. Bikes to be washed in designated area only. 9. RACE CONDITIONS Riders are not permitted on the start grid until authorised by the officials. Only riders, officials and I nominated mechanic/assistant (must be over 16) allowed at the starting gates until directed by starters to leave the starting area. START METHOD Banned start with elasticated band. Clutch start. 1. 15 second board displayed to all riders for full 15 seconds. 2. At the end of 15 sec a 5 sec board will be displayed. 3. The gate will drop between 5 and 10 seconds after the 5-sec board is shown. Riders to be in start gates for the next race as soon as practical. Dead motors in the starting area. Gate positions will be drawn by ballot by the rider on the day for the 1st race only eg peg # 1 equals gate #1. Gate position will then be determined for the following races by your previous race placement. DNF riders will have last gate pick in order of DNF. Only authorised officials will be permitted on the starting line. FINISHING A one-lap board will be displayed to the riders indicating when one lap remains. The checked flag will be displayed to signal the race is finished. A competitor finishes and qualifies for inclusion in the results if the competitor; a) Completes not less than 50% of the race distance; and b) Is shown the chequered flag on crossing the finish line. CHANGE OF MACHINE - A rider is allowed to change bikes right up to the start of the race as long as both bikes are eligible for the class, designated to the rider, identical numbers and have passed scrutineering. No notification is required to the Clerk of Course in the above case but if a rider wishes to use another competitors bike in place of his own then formal notification to the Clerk of Course at least 10 minutes prior to the race is which the substitution is to be made. PROTESTS - JUNIORS All protests shall be in writing and accompanied by the relevant fee ($100) as per the GCR’s (MoMS) A protest flag will be placed at the start of the pit return. The right to protest lies only with the rider, who should indicate prior to leaving the circuit that they wish to lodge an official protest by use of the purple protest flag and must wait there until a race official documents the protest and not enter into discussion with anyone else until the Clerk of Course or Steward is present. SENIORS All protests shall be in writing and accompanied by the relevant fee ($100) as per the GCR’s (MoMS). 10. AWARDS/PRZE MONEY JUNIORS Trophies will be awarded in all classes based on entries received. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each class will be awarded where five (5) or more entries received. If there are less than 5, then the classes may be combined with the approval of the Steward. When 2 classes are combined (due to low number of entries) prizes are awarded at the discretion of the promoter. 50cc demo competitors ALL receive a participation award, all to be identical. SENIORS 1st 2nd 3rd PRO OPENS $ 1,000.00 $ 400.00 $ 150.00 PRO LITES $ 1,000.00 $ 400.00 $ 150.00 INTER OPENS $ 750.00 $ 300.00 $ 150.00 INTER LITES $ 750.00 $ 300.00 $ 150.00 CLUB OPENS $ 750.00 $ 300.00 $ 150.00 CLUB LITES $ 750.00 $ 300.00 $ 150.00 VETS 35 - U55 $ 750.00 $ 300.00 $ 150.00 MASTERS 55+ $ 750.00 $ 300.00 $ 150.00 LADIES $ 750.00 $ 300.00 $ 150.00 SHOOT OUT $ 1,500.00 Prize money is based on 25 bona fide riders at the start of practice. If there are not 25 riders, then prize money may be allocated according to the percentage of riders achieved. 11. SCORING Scoring will be as per the GCR Rule 12. AMBULANCE Medical personnel will be in attendance. It is a condition of entry that First Aid MUST be accepted wherever deemed necessary by the attending first aides. The Clerk of Course has the right to refuse further racing of a rider if first aid requirements are not adhered to. 13. MEDICAL CERTIFICATES. Any rider transported via Ambulance or private vehicle will require a medical certificate stating they are fit to participate in Motorcycle Sport. The Steward will collect information from the injury reports and relay this to the MWA office where it will be recorded that you require a certificate before you can compete in any further events. This information will be mailed out to all clubs and event promoters. 14. AMBULANCE COVER All riders are reminded that ambulance cover is compulsory as a condition of your licence. Cover must be maintained for the duration of your licence. 15. NO HASSLE POLICY Any rider or entrant or person associated with the rider or entrant shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner. A rider shall be responsible for his own conduct and for that of any person with whom he is associated. Anyone who abuses or threatens verbally or physically any official or any other person present at the event shall be deemed to be in Breach of this rule. The No Hassle Policy applies to the Race Secretary and other volunteers of the Promoter and subsequent to the event. A No Tolerance approach will be applied for any breach in this regard, with Exclusion as the penalty. Penalties: will be imposed by the steward for a breach of this rule on the day i.e. * Reprimand or warning * Fine * Exclusion from the meeting. All breaches will be reported to M.W.A. for possible further action. 16. ANTI-DOPING POLICY All competitors and officials are advised that drug testing may take place in accordance with MA’s Anti-Doping Policy and Drugs and Alcohol Safety Policy, Refer to GCR 11 for details. If any doubts exist over banned substances it is recommended competitors contact the Drugs in Sport Hotline, tel 1800 020 506. When drug testing takes place, the payment of prize money may be delayed at Motorcycling WA’s discretion until the results of the tests are known. 17. CODE OF CONDUCT All competitors, officials and parents are reminded of MA’s Code of Conduct contained within MA’s Member Protection Regulations, found at, which is a guide to appropriate behaviour at all motorcycle race meetings. This Code of Conduct applies to this Meeting and will be enforced. 18. . GENERAL RULES 2 No alcoholic beverages allowed in pits or racing circuit. 2 There will be no riding other than on the circuit. Machines should be pushed to and from vehicles and in and around the pits. Engine may be running to assist. 3 Dogs will not be permitted (except guide dogs). 4 Closed pit – machines must remain in pits for the duration of the days racing, unless permission has been granted by the Clerk of Course to remove the machine. Riders of machines removed without authority may be excluded and all points forfeited for the day’s event and/or incur a fine of up to $100 5 Bikes must be refuelled in the designated refuelling areas throughout the pits areas. NO exceptions 6 Washing of machines must be done in the wash bays 7 Enclosed footwear must be worn in the pits and on the circuit at all times. 8 No pit bikes / bicycles 9 This is a licenced event – NO BYO alcohol. 19. RIGHT TO USE IMAGE It is a condition of entry that consent is given by the entrant/rider and/or parent/guardian for all photographs and electronic images(including moving images) that may be taken during the event by or on behalf of the Promoter, or with permission of the Promoter. All such images are the property of the Promoter and will only be used in accordance with the Motorcycling Australia Member Protection Policy.