Registrations are closed

Registrations are now closed. Late entries will be available. Entry fees (payable at the event) will have a $5 surcharge.


Australian Time Trials Association


Monday, 22 April 2019


Gidge 'C'

Series Registrations close on:

Wednesday, 17 April 2019 at 6:00 PM - (GMT+08:00) Perth

It's possible to enter for the Hillies as a series or for individual events.

ATTA 2019 members will receive their usual discount for membership

You are only eligible for the discount for ATTA 2019 members if you have renewed your membership.

Memberships are validated against a current membership list.

ATTA 2019 memberships are available now and a new or renewed membership will run until November 2019. 

  • The bus fare for the Mark Webb is available as an option.
  • The 'whole series' cost is the equivalent of six rides so if you intend to ride six events or fewer, please select only the individual events you want to ride.
  • The minimum age for riders is 15 years.
  • Due to declining interest in them, commemorative shirts will not be presented this year.

After the various closing dates for these registrations (@6pm, 5 days before the event), the usual pre-registrations for late entries will be available.