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Friday, 13 December 2019 at 11:00 PM - (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Learn to shoot

SSAA Victoria has developed a new practical firearms training program to help develop rifle shooting skills for people at all levels, with or without a firearms licence.

Held at either SSAA Victoria’s Springvale or Eagle Park ranges, the Practical Firearms Training Program is designed to instil best practice and essential knowledge for new, intermediate or experienced firearms users.

The program does not replace the compulsory Victorian Firearm Safety Course conducted by the police, which must be completed to get a firearms licence. Instead it is designed to provide actual shooting experience to improve marksmanship, while also offering essential safety information to help newcomers prepare for getting through the compulsory course.

Course details

For day sessions: training will commence at 9am with an expected completion time of 4pm.

For evening sessions: training will commence at 6pm with an expected completion time of 9pm over two consecutive nights.

(Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to make sure we get started on time).

The course has practical and theory components and will cover all basic aspects of firearm use. The theory component is hands on and covers all you should know prior to using a firearm.

The course will also cover shooting skills and techniques and post-shooting procedures. We will then practice what we have learned under the supervision of two qualified trainers and a range officer.

The cafe at the Springvale range is closed on Sundays so it is recommended to bring your own meal.

We will provide ear and eye protection to all participants on the day. Hearing protection is mandatory on all SSAA Victoria ranges. Participants should wear enclosed footwear.

The course cost includes hire of .22 rifle and ammunition, however, you are welcome to bring your own .22 rifle and ammunition for sighting in.


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For more details, contact the SSAA Victoria Training and Education department on 03 8892 2704