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Between Mon 10th and Thu 20th September 2018



The Maserati Perth Women’s Health Symposium brings together a collective hive of like minded health professionals with the common purpose of enhancing and promoting the health and wellness of Women, both in the workplace and at home.

Powered by one of the most alluring and recognisable brands – Maserati – the Women’s Health Symposium brings to you an amazing array of presenters from different fields of medicine – all with a practical and applicable message.

This is a Maserati Perth Health Symposium – held for the first time in the Perth CBD - inviting not only women in the corporate sector but also women working from home and caring for their children to attend.  Not limited to women – we welcome men who have the highest considerations for their spouses and partners at heart.

Venue: Central Park Auditorium, located between Hay Street and William Street in Perth.



The Maserati Perth Women’s Health Symposium also brings forth a somber note – with the majority of the proceeds from the sale of tickets going to the Ladybird Foundation, which is a charity organisation specifically catering for women with breast and gynecological cancers.

This Symposium, which spans 7 topics on specific days during a 11-day period, will be held at the Central Park Auditorium located between Hay Street and William Street in Perth.  Entry is via on-line ticketing sales which will go a long way to assisting our charity.  There is ONE topic held per day with a total of seven presentations, all of which will be hosted from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm on the nominated days.



$60 per person to attend all seven presentations




$15 per person to attend one workshop. 



Presenters for Maserati Perth Women's Health Symposium


Monday 10th September - Lucy Liongue

Your Inherited Posture – Can You Change It?

As females we tend to put our own needs on the back burner as we prioritise looking after our loved ones. The workshop will explore the trends observed over the last 13 years from treating in the clinical setting and resulting from Lucy's ground breaking study, which featured in the media, investigating the link between correctly fitted bras and the presence of back & neck conditions. The knowledge gained will empower women to be proactive about their neuromuscular health.


Tuesday 11th September – Ian Wee

Embracing Technology In Health and Fitness

In the era of Apps, Smart Watches and Smartphones – the end user is often confused as to how they can tap into these emerging health technologies and apply it to their daily lives.  The medicine application of Biometrics is what Ian Wee has been doing for the past ten years with practical applications and adoption of proper technology for his patient health and fitness. With eminent names like Dimension Data and Polar International in his portfolio – this is the session not to be missed if you are an early or late adopter of technology in health.


Wednesday 12th September – Vanessa Atienza-Hipolito

The Importance of Breast Screening and Technological Developments

Vanessa will be presenting on Breast imaging update and what kind of Breast cancer screening should you get. She will also be discussing what Australian women need to know about breast density and its importance.


Friday 14th September – Linda Friedland

Living With Vitality, Passion & Purpose

This motivating and thought-provoking talk is for all women: professionals, mums, executives and women in leadership striving for work-life balance, trying to balance all the balls in the air at the same time- a successful career, healthy relationships, family and a meaningful life. With an unrelenting pace and demanding busy life, your energy levels drop, your stress levels increase, and you may push yourself beyond your physical capacity. You may become depleted physically and emotionally.  It turns out that most of the factors, which affect our wellbeing, are due to our personal life choices. Interestingly, healing may also take place as a direct result of the passion and purpose with which we live. It fires up the immune system, motivates and energises. You will leave this talk inspired with some thought provoking questions. It includes some common-sense tools for enhancing your health at all levels, nurturing yourself, relieving stress, and achieving tranquillity, clarity, and meaning. This presentation's purpose is to incorporating strategies to optimize personal wellbeing and live with greater resilience and energy.


Tuesday 18th September – Joyce Chong

What Does Being Female Mean For Wellbeing And Mental Health?

Being female has implications for your wellbeing and mental health, namely higher levels of overall psychological distress as well as poorer mental health outcomes compared to males. Why is this the case? Transitions through various life stages and roles, facing gender-based social issues, and experiencing unique physical health challenges, all bring about a degree of adjustment, and it is this adjustment process that yields challenges for your wellbeing and mental health. In this presentation we’ll look in greater detail at:

-       What unique challenges face women (e.g. the different life stages and roles, gender-based social issues, physical health challenges)? How do these challenges impact on women’s identity, wellbeing, and mental health?

-     What is the psychological impact of navigating through these challenges – that is, the impact on women’s wellbeing and mental health? What does research tell us, and what does our clinical experience tell us?

-      How can we improve outcomes for women’s wellbeing and mental health? We’ll focus on practical tips to help you with steadying the ship through challenging times, drawing on the basic building blocks for good mental health and looking at mindset shifts.


Wednesday 19th September – Jill Hunter

Sole Sisters – A Practical Journey Of Dealing With Feet Complaints in Women

A dissection of the 10 most common foot complaints suffered by women. Jill will be looking at what causes them, how to avoid them and the best treatment plans available to allow women to keep pushing themselves to stay active and strong.


Thursday 20th September – Ian Wee

Is Your Office and Home Ergonomics Working for You?

Office ergonomics remains a challenge especially if the workplace has a fixed type of ergonomics.  The understanding and application of ergonomics at home and in the workplace really depends on your understanding how to apply your own body mechanics and posture to these environments and not merely the equipment.  Come and participant in this practical session of which ongoing application and research has spanned over 30 years with national based results and outcomes.



All registered participants will receive an e-booklet prior to the symposium containing Speaker profiles and synopsis’s of their presentations.


The Maserati Perth Women’s Health Symposium is brought to you by the collective synergies forged by the Perth Integrated Health Group of Companies in association with our primary sponsor Maserati Perth, and together with associated sponsors Byfields Business Advisers and Reliance Partners Insurance South Perth, and the generosity of Central Park as the venue sponsor. 



Please spread the world and be amazed with the array of international and national speakers who will share with you the practical knowledge of applied medicine in your daily lives.

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