Registrations are closed

Registrations are now closed.


United Pentecostal Church of Australia


Wednesday, 2 January 2019 - Sunday, 6 January 2019


National Convention Centre, 31 Constitution Ave, Canberra City

Registration closes on:

Sunday, 6 January 2019 at 11:59 PM - (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Registrations for the United Pentecostal Church of Australia General Conference 2019

Registration Types:

 Registration Type Price 
Individual $50
Family  $100

Optional Items:

 Optional Item Price   Note
 Children's Church  $20   Children need to be registered separately here.
 AGM Lunch
 $20  Open only to permitted attendees. Ministers Only.
(12:30pm 2 January)

 Ministers' & Leaders' Banquet
 $45  (12:30pm 4 January)
 Youth Missions Afternoon
 $25  (12:30pm 5 January)
 Women's Ministries Breakfast
 $35  (7:30am 5 January)
 Men's Breakfast
 $35  (7:30am 4 January)
 Bible Student's Breakfast
 $35  (7:30am 3 January)

Please note that the close off date for banquet registrations is 19 December 2018. All banquets will be held onsite at the venue except for the AGM Lunch which will be held at Calvary Chapel, 54 Maclaurin Cres, Chifley.

You may submit an offline registration form here if you are unable to submit an online registration.

This year we will be conducting split teaching sessions on Thursday 3 January. 

SESSION 1 – 10:00‐10:50am

SESSION 2 – 11:05‐12noon

Evangelism & Discipleship in the 21st Century

Prayer Essentials

Men’s Ministry Department

Effective Leadership (The Art of Following)

Music ‐ Team and Tech

Music ‐ For the Leader

Women’s Ministry Department Planning Meeting

Sunday School Ministry ‐ Birthing Your Burden

Sunday School Ministry

Youth Ministries ‐ “I Am Persuaded”

Session 1 Descriptions: 10:00‐10:50am

Evangelism & Discipleship in the 21st Century: Session 1, 10:00‐10:50am

Session intended for ALL who are interested in learning how to reach people effectively and to help retain them in the church.

Speakers:  Bill Morris (Facilitator), Matt Cogin (Evangelism), Sam Rainima (Discipleship).

About this session: This session on evangelism and discipleship will deliver practical tips on reaching the lost with the Gospel and, as instructed by Jesus, to Go and make disciples.  It is important to know how to connect with people effectively in the 21st Century environment and to disciple them in the eternal truth of God’s Word in order to help retain them in our congregations.  The speakers are active in evangelism and discipleship in their local assembly and also across Australia as part of the national evangelism initiative of the Home Missions Department.

Men’s Ministry: Session 1, 10:00‐10:50am

Session intended for ALL men.

Speaker: Brian Haden (Director)

About this session: EVERYDAY IS GAME DAY!!

Top sports teams and athletes spend a lot of time training and coaching their players physically and mentally.  After all of their preparation the most important part of training is getting the player to take everything that they have learnt and apply it on “Game Day”.

In the Bible Paul likens us to athletes who run in a race and from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed you must act as if “Every day is game day.” 

This session is intended for Men who understand that “Every Day is Game Day” and as men of God we need to take what we learn in training and apply it to our daily lives in order to be the best we can be for God, ourselves, our family and our church.

Music ‐ Team and Tech: Session 1: 10:00‐10:50am

Session intended for all local church music ministry teams.

Speakers: Sharon Laloukabou ‐ Establishing a dynamic choir, Petra Walker ‐ Growing your vocal abilities, Rachel Willmott‐ Music Technology to streamline communication, Stephanie Hackathorn‐ How to empower your team.

About this session: Biblical and practical guidance for team members to move into high levels of ministry commitment, productivity and effectiveness such as "establishing a dynamic choir" and "growing your vocal abilities." We will also explore ways we can empower each team member in their individual roles while creating a sense of community and belonging. In the tech section of this session we will cover resources to grow in your position capacity (team leaders, musicians and singers) such as utilising leading key brands and apps for better ease of communication within the team, learning certain song parts and finding chord charts.

Women’s Ministry Department Planning Meeting: Session 1, 10:00‐10:50am

Session intended for all Women’s Ministries Leaders, Female Pastors, Pastor’s Wives. Your attendance and participation in this session is greatly appreciated!

Speaker: Jena Grech (Director) including planning interaction with those present.

About this session: Informative, Interactive and Inspirational!  That is what this session will be!  Please bring with you all your suggestions, ideas and contributions to our round table meeting.   Topics that will be covered:

  • 2018 in review for NWM
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your Women’s Ministries Department in your local church
  • Informative tools for mentoring
  • How to Assess the health of your Women’s Ministries department
  • Fund raising in your local church
  • Future events within NWM
  • Planning for NWM for 2019
  • Working together with other UPCA National Departments

Sunday School Ministry: Session 1, 10:00‐10:50am

Session intended for anyone involved in Sunday School or Children’s Ministry. 

Speakers: Sister Helen Cook and Sister Vickie Oliver

About this session: There will be an overview of the direction of the National Sunday School Department, and we will give you hints on how to purchase materials, some websites we can use.  You will have an opportunity to ask questions and give and receive ideas on how we can help you deliver excellent Children’s Ministry in your local church.  You will leave encouraged and excited about working with Children.  Sunday is an integral part of any church and we want you to feel valued and supported.  Children are welcome to attend with you, and you will need to bring a book or other activities to keep them occupied.

Session 2 Descriptions: 11.05‐12noon

Prayer Essentials: Session 2, 11.05‐12noon

Session intended for ALL.

Speakers: Sister Margaret Bellette and Sister Sarah Butcher

About this session: During this brief time, we will touch on each of the following points:

  • One on One – Alone with God. Relationship.
  • Trust at All Times – Stop Being Anxious.
  • The Silent Listener – He is present at all times.
  • Prepare for Battle – Searching out the enemy.
  • Open for questions/discussion.

Effective Leadership (The Art of Following): Session 2, 11.05‐12noon

Session intended for all involved or interested in being involved in local church leadership Speaker: Daniel Gabriel

About this session: Have you ever wondered what makes an effective leader? Why is it that some people lead well while others struggle with the responsibility of leadership? This session will look at great leadership teams in the bible, for example Moses and Joshua. How important is loyalty, submission and humility when you don’t agree with your leader? We will explore the importance of remaining under the covering of your Pastor when in a leadership role and the freedom that is found in doing so. This interactive session is open to all leaders and those aspiring to leadership in the local church. Come and join us as we unpack this exciting topic.

Music ‐ For the Leader: Session 2, 11.05‐12noon

Session intended for local church music ministry leaders

Speakers: Angie Canales‐ Building with the team you have, Pst. Stan Harvey ‐ Working with your Pastor, Pst. Jonathan Downs ‐ Thriving as a volunteer music director, Steph Hackathorn ‐ Crafting Important Music Moments.

About this session: In this session we will cover dynamic leadership concepts for those who lead church worship teams such as "building the team you have" and "thriving as a volunteer music director." We will explore how we create those vital music moments in our Sunday sets and compliment the ministry of the Word to create life‐changing worship arrangements.

Sunday School Ministry ‐ Birthing Your Burden: Session 2, 11.05‐12noon

Session intended for anyone working or wanting to work with children– including all Sunday School Teachers, Ministers and Pastors.

Speaker: Sister Helen Cook and Sister Vickie Oliver

About this session: This session is for Sis Vickie Oliver has travelled the world ministering to children and has prayed through thousands of children and adults through to the Holy Ghost. The session, Birthing Your Burden in Children’s Ministry.  She will share how God led her into this ministry, how it grew from a simple desire to work for The Lord, and how this has led her into this amazing ministry.  Sis Vickie will share how Jesus gave her a method of praying people through to the Holy Ghost. Each time she delivers this session there has been an amazing, deep presence of Jesus as people seek and receive their own burden.  Children are welcome to attend with you, and you will need to bring a book or other activities to keep them occupied.

Youth Ministries ‐ “Distraction; Enemy of Discipleship”: Session 2, 11.05‐12noon

Session intended for ALL people 13‐35 who are passionate about fulfilling God’s plan in their life.

Speakers: Greg Willmott (Director) 

About this session: Greg Willmott will be challenging, imparting and inspiring the youth of Australia to be not be distracted! This current generation are the most distracted in recent history. Distracted by a bombardment of social media platforms and online communication. Device addiction is a real thing,  we need to ensure it does not control us to the point of missing God's will for our life. This session will be discussing how we can be part of the technological age, but not controlled by it. Prayer, reading God's word, serving in the kingdom of God are eternal principles, distraction is our greatest threat to these eternal pillars.