Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group


6 rides between Aug-Nov 2018



MSWA Ocean Ride Training Rides

The Perth Cycling Group (PCG), previously also known as the Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group (PIHCG), are the Event Managers for the MSWA Ocean Ride for yet another year in 2018.

Apart from our well known array of cycling events - we are also the oldest and most established Aust Cycle training school in Western Australia and we bring our 20 year expertise in cycling training to a series of SIX training rides in preparation for the MSWA Ocean Ride 30km and 50km distances. 

These training rides are FREE for registered participants of the MSWA Ocean Ride, held this year on Sunday 25th November 2018.

Please nominate the date or dates of the rides you wish to participate in (choose 1 ride, all 6 or any number between), noting that we need a quorum of at least 10 participants for each ride before we proceed. You will be notified of the specific details of the training rides in the week leading up to your chosen training ride date, which will be 1.5 hours in duration and mostly on routes akin to the MSWA Ocean Ride 2018.

All rides will be hosted on the nominated Saturday dates appended below, and held from 530am to 700am.


Ride Requirements:

Please note that for safety and risk management reasons, the PCG / PIHCG Coaches will require the following:

1. Bright coloured clothing to be worn. No black, dark blue or dark red permitted

2. Front and rear lights are operational and used at all times

3. Australian compliance helmet. No helmet, no compliance = no ride (per WA Road Rules)

4. Two water bottles for the training rides

5. Mobile phone (same as per entry submission number)

6. Gloves recommended

7. Study the route map given prior to the ride

8. Observation of all WA Road Rules applying to general traffic and cyclists. 

Training Ride Dates:

Saturday August 25th 2018

Saturday September 8th 2018

Saturday September 29th 2018

Saturday October 6th 2018

Saturday October 20th 2018

Saturday November 10th 2018

Event Date: Sunday November 25th 2018


Further Information or 9364 8626