Registrations are closed

Registrations are now closed.


Dirt High promotions


07th & 08th July, 04th & 05th & 25th & 26th August



Series Registrations close on:

Thursday, 23 August 2018 at 11:59 PM - (GMT+08:00) Perth

Expert                                                   Expert Enduro, Pro & Intermediate Motocross – 2 Bikes, 2 riders

Iron Man                                                Individual - 1 Bike, 1 Rider

Clubman                                               Enduro, Motocross and ungraded experienced riders    - 2 Bikes, 2 Riders

Veterans                                                35-44 years - 2 Bikes, 2 Riders

Masters                                                 45 and over - 2 Bikes, 2 Riders

Women                                                 16 years and over  - 2 Bikes, 2 Riders

  • 1.1.Classes: The class of the team is determined by the grade of the highest grade rider in the team.

  • 1.2.Eligible Machines: Motorcycles do not need to be registered and must be suitable for MX or Enduro racing. Extra machine will be allowed but the machine must go through machine examination in the time specified.

  • 1.3.Machine Numbering: Teams will be issued with numbers at rider registration. Teams can share a bike

  • 1.4.Minimum/Maximum Riders: The minimum to constitute a class will be 3 teams; classes may be altered to suit entries received.

  • 1.5.Prologue Saturday: Intending riders are required to sign on between 12:00pm3:15pm and have their machine examined. A riders briefing will be held at 3:30pm followed by a sighting lap at 4:00pm – sighting lap closes at 4:10pm. Prologue will commence at 4:20pm using computerised RFID Chips timed over the course of approximately 8km’s. No rider may enter the track without a riders briefing. Starting order for prologue will be ascending numerical order where possible. Riders will start 1 at a time every 10 seconds. Competitors who do not start the prologue will be given a start time in the order of sign up on the Sunday.


    Entry fees:                                          $88.00 per rider + $15.00 Transponder fee

    One Event Competition Licence:       $75.00 (if applicable)

  • 2.1.Closing date for entries: Entries will close for Pre-Entry 5 days prior to the event.

    Enter online at Enquiries at

    A Cancellation fee of $20.00 will be incurred to cover administration costs.

    2. THE COURSE The course will be approximately 1 loop between 16km’s and 24km’s long, repeated over 4 hours duration, consisting of Natural Terrain Paddock and grass lands.


      All teams are required to exchange riders.  All riders must tag their partner’s bike on the change over after they have completed a lap of the course, the front wheel of one rider must touch the back wheel of the other rider. 

      A competitor that stops and stays with an injured rider will be given his average lap time for that lap.

      Teams: 1 rider must complete no less than 30% of the team’s total laps to be eligible for inclusion in the event results.

      A team that started with 2 riders and 2 bikes may continue to compete on 1 bike if 1 bike breaks down. If a rider breaks down or is injured his/her partner may restart that lap, if a rider leaves the track for any reason ie mechanical breakdown that lap must be restarted from the start of the track after notifying the lap scorers.

      The winner in each class will be the riders who complete the most laps in the least time over the 4 hours.

      If a rider has an issue or concern with the race, the rider must discuss this with the Clerk of Course during the event..

    4. AWARDS

      Trophies: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each class where 3 teams or more entries are received.

      If there are less than 3 teams, then the classes may be combined with the approval of the Clerk of Course. 

    5. FIRST AID

      First Aid personnel will be in attendance.

      It is a condition of entry that First Aid MUST be accepted wherever deemed necessary by the attending first aides. The Steward of the day has the right to refuse further racing of a rider if first aide requirements are not adhered to.

    Saturday Prologue: 01:30pm – 3:15pm

    Sunday Pits will open 7:00am.

    Machine examination from 7:05am to 8:15am.

    All competitors must present themselves at registration with their MA license, proof of current club membership for one event licence holders. Helmets and will be inspected at machine examination. Full riding gear will be inspected on start line prior to practice.



    Saturday Prologue: 3:30pm

    Sunday riders meeting will be held 8:20 All riders must attend.

    Escorted practice lap at 8:30am racing will commence at the 9:30am


    Start method will be a live engine start at 10:00am

    Starting riders will be in order of prologue results.

    There will be a two (2) second interval between rider start times.


    The chequered flag will be waved 4 hours after the first start.

  • 7.1.Ambulance Cover All riders are reminded that ambulance cover is compulsory as a condition of your licence.
  • 7.2.Cover must be maintained for the duration of your licence.


      Any rider or entrant or person associated with the rider or entrant shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner. A rider shall be responsible for his own conduct and that of any person with whom he is associated. Anyone who abuses or threatens personally or physically any official or any other person present at the event shall lie deemed to be in Breach of this rule.

      The Steward for a breach of this rule may impose PENALTIES on the day of this meeting i.e.:

      *Reprimand or warning. *Fine. *Expulsion from the meeting. All breaches will be reported to MWA for possible further action.

  • 9.1.No alcoholic beverages allowed in pits or racing circuit.
  • 9.2.No Smoking in any area where re-fuelling is carried out
  • 9.3.There will be no riding of bikes other than on the track or designated lane way.
  • 9.4.Dogs will not be permitted (except guide dogs).


      PITS OPEN                                                       7.00am

      MACHINE EXAMINATION                              7:05-8.15am

      PITS CLOSE                                                     8.10am

      RIDERS MEETING                                           8.20am

      PRACTICE                                                        8:30am

      FIRST RACE                                                     9:30am

      PRESENTATIONS                                           Following final event.

  • 10.1.ENQUIRIES