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Sunday, 7 April 2019


Gold Creek Road, Brookfield

Registration closes on:

Saturday, 6 April 2019 at 9:00 AM - (GMT+10:00) Brisbane

Welcome to the Pinnacles Classic 2019, where the hills feel like mountains!

This race, over the many hills at Brookfield around the Gold Creek Reservoir, will start behind the dam wall.

This year we'll run the course in an anti-clockwise direction, so we'll take off up the hill to the right of the Gold Creek Reservoir. There is one checkpoint half way at the rain gauge, so it is necessary that you carry as much water as you need to make it to that point. Remember that in early April it can still be quite hot. Take some fuel for on the way as well, but there will be some fruit and goodies at the checkpoint.

Car-pooling is critical for this event as parking is now limited at the end of Gold Creek Road. As part of the entry process you will be asked to nominate various options for car-pooling so please try to assist us in reducing the number of vehicles required to park. For those vehicles that do come to the end of Gold Creek Road please follow the directions of the parking marshals. Note - there is to be No Parking within 2 metres either side of any residential driveway.

Please be aware that this is a running event, not a walking event, so we expect that all participants would be back in about 3 hrs. If you are a slower runner start in the early WAVE 1 at 6:40am (expected to take longer than 2 hrs 15 mins). All others start in WAVE 2 at 7:00am (expected to finish within 2 hrs 15 mins). Register now and nominate your wave. You pick up your race bib from the registration table at least 30min before your start time.

Please note that the winners and placings are taken from WAVE 2!

Have fun out there, and I am looking forward to sharing a laugh and something to eat/drink with you at the finish line. 

Refunds are available up to two weeks before the race (-$20 admin cost). Also, please don't enter if you are under 18, as unfortunately we won't be able to let you start!

Pete Walker
Pinnacles Race Organiser