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Registrations closed at 10pm 31st August 2018.


Cassowary Coast MultiSport Club Inc


Sunday, 16 September 2018


Casuarina Park, Kennedy Esp, Sth Mission Beach

Registration closes on:

Thursday, 13 September 2018 at 11:55 PM - (GMT+10:00) Brisbane


Welcome to Ona Mission 2018!

A fun adventure weekend event set in the most sensational locations - Mission Beach and Dunk Island.

Can you endure a vast palm-lined beach, World-Heritage listed rainforest, and GBR’s tropical Dunk Island?  Then read on.....

You can take on the whole course (either short or long), or part of it in a team of two to four people. There is also a separate pairs category where two participants must stay together for the whole event (and can use a double paddle craft).

A paddle from South Mission Beach to the famous Dunk Island is followed by a run through the rainforest over Mt Kootaloo, returning directly to the Spit for the short course and extending through the rainforest to Coconut Beach and back to the Spit via the southern beach for long course.

Competitors paddle back to the mainland for the mountain bike leg which takes them north along the beach, onto the road and up over Fenbys Gap, onto the rainforested Musgravia Track and then back to South Mission. There is only about 5km of tarmac riding. The long course will also take in the single track of the mountain bike park.

The final run leg is along the beach south to the boat ramp and return (short course) and further south along the Kennedy Walking Track to Lugger Bay Beach and return (long course).


4km paddle, 6km run, 4km paddle, 23km ride, 4km run

This event has been designed for those who are moderately fit and seeking to experience adventure racing in a fun format involving running, paddling and mountain biking either as an individual or part of a team.


8km paddle, 11km run, 4km paddle, 30km ride, 6km run

For those with some experience in adventure racing and who relish the longer distances as an individual or part of a team.


The recommended team size is three people – with a paddler, a runner, and a rider.

Teams can be two or three or four persons.  Teams of 4 persons can have two runners (eg. one paddler, one rider, and one island runner and one beach runner)

For the Dunk Island runner, transport is organised to get runners to and from Dunk Island. (this transport for team runners is included in the registration fee).

Runners in teams of 3 will be returned to the mainland in time for their final run leg. (NOTE: in teams of 2, the island runner would NOT be back in time to do the bike leg.)

Enter your workplace team for a corporate challenge with a difference!

Do you need a paddler, or a runner, or a rider for an Ona Mission team? Or do you want to join in to a team?  You can use our facebook page to find teammates. 


Individual: $110  (Juniors $65.00)

Teams of 2 to 4 and pairs of two: $90 per person (Juniors $55 per person)

Members of Cassowary Coast Multisport Club save $10.00 each.

Categories: Male, Female, Mixed, Under-45 and 45-plus. (Where there are not many entries in an age category, race organisers reserve the right to combine age categories. If one team member is under-45 and others are 45-plus, this is an under-45 team.)

Juniors from 13-17 years of age must have prior approval from the race director plus a written parental sign-off on the race day waiver.  Juniors do the short course only and can have up to 4 person teams.

All competitors will receive a race shirt and lunch.


Saturday Registration & Race Briefing

4:30pm:  Register, collect shirt etc. at the Mission Beach Resort (Wongaling Beach Rd, Wongaling Beach - 100m east of the Big Cassowary). 

5:25pm:  Registration CLOSED.

5:30pm:  Race briefing (attendance mandatory for all event participants).

6:30pm:  Estimate finish time of event briefing.  

Meals will be available for purchase at the Mission Beach Resort restaurant.

Sunday – Race Day

6:30am:  Team runners will be transported to Dunk Island (as part of the entry fee).

7:00am: Long course race starts from the Mission Beach Surf Lifesaving Club.

7:30am: Short course starts. Please arrive well ahead of the start time.

Lunch: Provided for competitors as part of the entry fee

2:30pm Presentations at the Mission Beach Surf Lifesaving Club



- Suitable water craft and paddle

 - Type 1 or Type 2 PFD (NO inflatable PFDs). There will be a pre-race inspection.

 - Mountain bike & helmet

 - Running shoes

 - Water & nutrition (you must be self-sufficient on all legs)


- Lunch

- Water at transition points

 - T-shirt

 - Race bib (return after the event)



If you don’t have a kayak/surf ski/outrigger/canoe, ask around! It’s amazing how many are out there.  There are also hire companies. The closest to Ona Mission is:

Coral Sea Kayaking, South Mission Beach, Ph 0484 791 829

Mission Beach Water Taxi, Ph 07 4068 8310

Others include:

Adventurethon, Townsville. Contact Joel Ph 0447 496 489

Outer Limits, Townsville. Contact Sam Ph 0421 484 211

Adventure Equipment Cairns Ph 4031 2669


As this event involves an ocean paddle it is advisable to paddle the course at least once before the event, preferably with other experienced paddlers.

Event briefing notes will be emailed to entrants in the week before the event so get your entries in early.

Competitors must be present at the presentation to be eligible for random draw prizes.

We will refund full entry fee less $40 if an individual competitor is forced to withdraw from the event prior to September 1st and advises event organisers by email ( From that date there will be no refunds unless a medical certificate is provided, in which case you will be credited with an entry in the 2019 event. This does not apply to teams which will need to find a replacement.

For further information about the event contact Richard BLANCHETTE on 0409 040 667.

Find more on Ona Mission at the event website

This event is run by the Cassowary Coast Multisport Club ( )