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Dr. Tracey Hunter


Friday, 21 September 2018 - Saturday, 22 September 2018


Palm Cove

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Friday, 14 September 2018 at 4:00 PM - (GMT+10:00) Brisbane




21 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2018

Day 1: The Healthy Adult, with Dr. Tracey Hunter

Day 2: Bypassing Coping Modes, with Dr. Tracey Hunter and Megan Fry

Cost of 2-day workshop: $550 (incl. GST) 

Students: $440 (incl. GST)

This year we are excited to run this 2-day event at Peppers Beach Club & Spa Palm Cove, Far North Queensland, where the latest advances in Schema Therapy will be delivered to therapists interested in applying the Schema Therapy Mode Work approach with their clients. The event will be fully catered and offers a stunning tropical backdrop for therapists to take advantage of whilst also expanding their therapy skills.

Accommodation options at Peppers are listed at the bottom of the page.

DAY 1: THE HEALTHY ADULT, with Dr. Tracey Hunter
Friday 21 September 2018

10am - 5pm

This experiential workshop will commence with an overview of the "Healthy Adult" mode - the part of us that is able to self-reflect, set authentic career and personal goals, make decisions that are in line with one's values, recognise and self-regulate emotions, repair relationship ruptures, set boundaries and express one's needs in relationships, embrace one's own sexuality, pleasure, and relaxation preferences, and give and receive love. This will be followed by an exploration of key insights and practices from Schema Therapy that strengthen the Healthy Adult mode, including: 
i) revisiting and healing upsetting memories from childhood through imagery rescripting, 
ii) awareness of one's own ingrained "Coping Modes" commonly found in the general population (compliance/surrendering; detachment/ escapism/ avoidance/ distraction/ addiction; over-compensation/controlling/obsessing) that block core emotional needs from being met, 
iii) naming and challenging one's "Inner Critic" through dialogue/chairwork, and 
iv) integrating the "Happy Child" mode.

DAY 2: BYPASSING COPING MODES, with Dr.Tracey Hunter and Megan Fry

Saturday 22 September 2018

9am - 4pm

Part 1: Recognising and Bypassing Common Coping Modes (Dr. Tracey Hunter)

This interactive workshop explores creative and experiential ways to bypass client's coping modes that are blocking the therapist from accessing the client's core needs, emotions and vulnerable side. Successfully bypassing Coping Modes is essential in psychotherapy in order to process unmet needs, address underlying wounds from childhood and facilitate emotional healing. Therapists often feel stuck and blocked in therapy as they come up against strong Coping Modes that clients developed in childhood. This segment of the workshop will explore how to recognise the 3 types of coping modes in the therapy setting and in the client's life: surrender, detachment, and over-compensation. Techniques for bypassing various coping modes including a Compliant Surrenderer, a Helpless Surrenderer, a Detached Protector, an Angry Protector, and a Self-Aggrandiser will be covered.

Part 2: Working with the Soldier Mode (Megan Fry)

This segment of the workshop introduces the concept of a Soldier coping mode: a mode developed specifically by the military, to create an effective fighting force to fulfill military operational roles in Australia and overseas. This is a highly adaptive and effective mode whilst the soldier serves the Army, however, it can become destructive, particularly when a soldier needs help (medical or psychological), is engaged in therapy and/or when they transition into civilian life. This workshop will:

- Provide an overview of this mode and why it is important to address this mode early in therapy when working with soldiers and veterans.

- Conceptualise the development and different aspects of this mode.

- Discuss some of the underlying schemas driving this mode.

- Explore key ways to identify this mode in the individual, their life and their relationships.

- Demonstrate effective strategies that can work to break the identity of the soldier in order to release a healthy civilian adult.

Participants are required to have a basic understanding of the schema therapy model prior to attending.

The Presenters:

Dr. Tracey Hunter (PhD Clin Psych)

Tracey is a Clinical Psychologist and Advanced Level Schema Therapist on the Gold Coast with almost 20 years’ experience in the psychology profession. In 2011 Tracey was selected as one of 12 therapists worldwide to undertake the International Certification in Schema Therapy training program in New York, receiving training from the founder of Schema Therapy, Dr. Jeffrey Young and his colleagues. She completed her certification in early 2012 and since this time has been delivering workshops nationally in Schema Therapy and supervising other therapists in this approach. In 2015, Tracey facilitated the visit of Dr. Scott Kellogg from New York to run training in Chairwork throughout Australia, and uses Chairwork in her own therapeutic practice and supervision, along with Imagery Rescripting within a Schema Therapy framework. Tracey attended the Schema Therapy Summer School in Barcelona, Spain in 2017 to remain up to date with the current best practice in Schema Therapy worldwide. Tracey primarily treats adults with a range of psychological concerns including personality disorders at her practice in Mermaid Beach. 

Megan Fry (MClinPsych)

Megan is a Clinical Psychologist and accredited Advanced Level Schema Therapist with over 12 years experience. She operates her own private practice in Brisbane, specialising in veteran health and clients who have not had much success with therapy in the past. Megan has spent a large proportion of her career working with soldiers and veterans and has enjoyed more recently exploring the applications of schema therapy to improve clinical outcomes in the prevention and treatment of mental health problems in veterans. After attending the 2016 International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) conference in Vienna, Megan was invited to present at the 2018 ISST conference in Amsterdam in May on the applications of Schema Therapy to soldiers and veterans. 

Travel Information:
Peppers Beach Club & Spa, 123 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove QLD 4879.
Accommodation at Peppers Beach Club & Spa Palm Cove can be booked from $315 per night via their website: 
Participants are responsible for their own transport and accommodation arrangements.