Therapist Training

This registration link enables you to update your registration from the Introductory workshop (which you have already attended and paid for) to the full Comprehensive training which includes the Advanced workshop and unlimited access to consultation sessions for up to 12 months after your attendance at the Advanced workshop.  I am also planning some advanced webinars later in the year, and your comprehensive registration includes free access to these.

When you complete this registration you will be sent a Promotion Code which you should store in a safe place.  When you are ready to attend the Advanced workshop of your choice, go to the website and click on the link to register for that workshop.  Select the standard fee (the only option), and later in the registration process, before you get to the payment page, enter the Promotion Code which will zero the amount owing.  That is the easiest way that we can get an accurate list of who is attending what workshop, and cater for any special dietary needs you may have.

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for EMDR.

Graham & Min Taylor
Therapist Training