Registrations are closed

To ensure you receive the correct race t-shirt size we recommend you register no later than the 12 March 2018. Online registrations close on the 27 April 2018 at 5.00pm You will still be able to register for the event at Gregory on Saturday 5 May 2018, however, no race merchandise will be available as part of your registration fee. Please contact Paul Fletcher 0414 483 459


North West Canoe Club


Sunday, 6 May 2018


Gregory River

Registration closes on:

Friday, 27 April 2018 at 5:00 PM - (GMT+10:00) Brisbane

Welcome to registration for the 43rd Gregory River Canoe Marathon to be held on the 6 May 2018

Marathon participants who register on or before the 12 March 2018 will ensure they receive the correct event t-shirt size.  We cannot guarantee the correct t-shirt size after this date. 

Recreational short course participants will receive an event cap.  They will not receive an event t-shirt as part of their registration, however, if you do wish to purchase one, please do so as additional merchandise.

Online registrations will close on the 27 April 2018 at 5.00pm
You will still be able to register for the event on Saturday 5 May 2018 at Gregory Racecourse at the North West Canoe Club registration table between 11.00am and 1.00pm only.  Please note you are NOT able to register for the event on Sunday, 6 May 2018.

Registration Fees:

Long course                       $100.00 per person
Recreational short course  $  50.00 per person

Prize money will be available in the Marathon Course in the following categories, regardless of age class:

Winner:                                              $500.00
K1 Male and Female:                         1st $400.00; 2nd $200.00; 3rd $100.00
TK1 Male and Female:                       1st $400.00; 2nd $200.00; 3rd $100.00
TK2:                                                   1st $400.00; 2nd $200.00; 3rd $100.00
Plastic Long Male and Female:          1st $400.00; 2nd $200.00; 3rd $100.00
TC2 Challenge (min of 4 max 8):        1st $1,000.00; 2nd $600.00; 3rd $300.00

Race Record - $2,000.00

Recreational Short Course - random draw prizes and the overall winner only

Please note that if you are registering as a Team of 2 or more, you will need to create a Team first when registering.

If you wish to hire a plastic Kayak please contact Joel Savage at Adventurethon on 0447 496 489.

If you are an experienced paddler and wish to hire a Knysna K1, the North West Canoe Club have 5 available for hire.  Please contact Paul Fletcher on 0414 483 459.  First in best dressed.

We look forward to seeing you at the Gregory River in 2018.