Orienteering ACT Inc

This portal is only for those who have never been members of OACT before.

If you are an existing, or lapsed member, then you need to renew via Eventor or please ask for help.
After you join Orienteering ACT using this form, your details will be manually transferred into Eventor and you will be notified by email of your Eventor account creation. In subsequent years you will need to renew directly via Eventor. 

Choose from   Single Adult (called "Participant")  $90 ,  Single Junior (called "Participant")  $50 , or Family $110. Families need to nominate a "Captain" or Head of Family.

Your SI stick : Each SI stick (dibber) has a unique ID number  - connected to one person. This is used for timing but also for safety so we know who has returned.  Each member is encouraged to own a unique SI stick. If you do not own one yet you can order one now or buy one later. In the meantime you can hire one at any event. However for safety reasons purchased SI sticks can not be lent to another person or the computer thinks the wrong person is out there on the course.

Your compass. You do NOT need a compass but we will give you an option to purchase one (optional). Please do not buy a compass elsewhere without asking us first as the cheaper ones often do not work properly in the Southern Hemisphere!