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Registrations are now closed. Please contact the event organiser at regarding late entries. Late entry fees will apply.


Orienteering ACT Inc


Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Majura Pines

Registration closes on:

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 at 10:00 PM - (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Welcome to the 2017 ACT Primary Schools Championships

 The event venue will be held at Majura Pines on Wednesday 22nd November.

Entries are open until Wednesday 15th November 2017.

Entries are open to all ACT Primary School students in years 3 - 6. For children in Years 2 and below, if you have orienteered before and can complete a very easy course unassisted, please contact the organisers to discuss possible entry.

Students can elect to compete individually or in pairs. Pairs consist of a team of 2 students of any gender, but must be representing the same school.  

Individual competitors will compete in either the boys or girls category.

There are 4 age categories for individual competitors:
9 years and under (born in 2008 or later)
10 years (born in 2007)
11 years (born in 2006)
12 years and over (born 2005 or earlier)

There are 2 age categories for pairs competitors:
9 - 10 years pairs 
11 - 12 years pairs

Age groups are determined by the age as of 31st December, 2017.

Courses for the 9 and 10 years age-groups are very easy (blue standard).
Courses for the 11 and 12 years age groups are easy (green standard). 
Course lengths range from 1.5km to 2.6km depending on the age group.
All courses will have the option of following linear features (e.g. tracks, fences, power lines) on all legs.

All individual competitors, and at least one member of each pair, must have completed at least 2 orienteering events prior to the championships. This is to ensure the safety of all competitors. 

Entry fee is $10 per individual competitor, or $20 per pair. 

How to enter the ACT Primary Schools Championships

To enter as an individual you will need your name, date of birth, school name, a valid email address, and a Visa or MasterCard. 

If entering as a pair, you will require the name, date of birth, school name and valid email address for BOTH competitors. You only need to submit ONE ENTRY FOR EACH PAIR: first you enter the name of the first member of the pair, and then in the special questions, you enter the details of the second member of the pair. 

On the day



The event is being held in Majura Pines, a lovely area of mountain bike trails and fire trails on the east side of Mount Majura, adjacent to the Majura Parkway. The assembly area is located in Innabaanya (661 Majura Road if you want to plug it into the GPS) which is a Girl Guide camp  


If travelling from the north: From its intersection with the Federal Highway, travel south Majura Parkway for 4km, and take the Tambreet Street exit on your left. At Tambreet Street, turn right, and follow it under the Majura Parkway. Continue straight on to a road signposted with a brown sign labelled Innabaanya, which will curve to the left then to the right through gates into Innabaanya Camp.  

If travelling from the south: From its intersection with Fairbairn Avenue, travel north along Majura Parkway for 6.5km, and take the Tambreet Street exit on your left. At Tambreet Street, turn left onto a small road that curves to the left then to the right through gates into Innabaanya Camp.   


Please park in the open dirt car park inside the main gates of Innabaanya. Please park as directed if parking officials are present, and be considerate of other drivers, as they may chose be needing to leave the event before you are.

Arrive at the venue by 9:45am for a 10:15am briefing. There will be a short (100m) walk from the assembly area to the start. Starts are from 10:30am. Presentations will be held as soon as results are finalised at the completion of the event, around 1:30pm.

Free orienteering activities (Coloured Mountains, Directional Dash, and Be Amazed) will be available for all competitors at the completion of their race. 

A sausage sizzle, cake and drink stall will be available on the day and the proceeds go to support ACT Orienteering Junior Squad – Blue Lightning. You can save money and pre-order a Lunch-Combo Pack. This helps us with catering too.

For further enquiries email  Cathy Hogg at

By entering you agree that you are aware that like other bush sports there are inherent dangers in orienteering. It is possible to become unsure of your location during this event.

Unless you  email to the contrary, you agree that your child's photograph may be used for promotional purposes by Orienteering ACT.

Training opportunities  
If kids (and their parents) want to try to improve their orienteering there are a number of events on in the months ahead. 
In particular there is a Team based kids orienteering adventure challenge called Map Mates. 

Map mates runs from 18th October to 15th November on Wednesday evenings.
Entry fee includes a free season pass to all 17 Twilight Series events.
For more information visit