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Saturday, 27 October 2018 - Sunday, 28 October 2018


Lamington National Park

Registration closes on:

Monday, 22 October 2018 at 11:59 PM - (GMT+10:00) Brisbane

Thank you in advance  for entering the 2018 Lamington Classic.

Event Date: Saturday / Sunday 27th / 28th October 2018

For those not familiar with the race, it is Australia's oldest trail race (established 1970), run between Binna Burra and Green Mountain (Also known as O'Reilly's) in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Here is the ‘Outdoor Travel Channel’ video of the 2013 edition of our race:
Further location details can be found at:
The race is run under QPWS Permit No TVP508647314, and is along the 'Border Track', which connects Binna Burra to Green Mountains (Also known as O’Reilly's), classified by QPWS  as a Class "4" track.

Class 4 track (Australian Standards)

-  Distinct tracks with junctions signposted, rough track surfaces with exposed roots and rocks.
-  Variable in width, muddy sections and steep grades likely to be encountered.
-  May be extensively overgrown; hazards, such as fallen trees and vines, likely to be present.
-  Caution needed at creek crossings and naturally occurring lookouts.
-  Moderate fitness level with bushwalking experience and ankle-supporting footwear required.
-  Moderate level of navigation skills recommended, involving self-reliance in first aid and coping with weather hazard situations.

For those who have run this race before (as well as the newcomers), there have been some major changes to the running of the event over the years and how to enter etc, so please read the following carefully for 2018:

1- On the Saturday we have two (2) races:
  • We have a 42.195km run, starting from Binna Burra, along the Border Track to Green Mountains and return. This has two(2) mass start, with slower runners starting at 5-30AM, and the rest of the field at 7AM.
  • We also have the traditional Green Mountain to Binna Burra Run(21.3km), starting at O'Reilly's  on the Border Track. This is a staggered start, with groups of 8, at 3min intervals from 8-30AM.
And we have had to introduce qualifying for both the 42.195km and the 21.3km as well as a complusary 3 minute stop over at O'Reilly's for the 42.195km runners.  More details can be found at:

2- On Sunday, we run from Binna Burra to Green Mountains (21.3km), with staggered starts, at 30 minute Intervals from 6AM.  The issue is, that we are not allowed access to the O'Reilly's finish area until 10-30AM, therefore you need to use a start time which has you arriving at the finish area no earlier than 10-30AM.

3- The will be no wait list!, if your entry is accepted, then you are a starter, this gives everybody certainty, but we are restricted to 90 runners only, so entering early is advisable so as you don’t miss out.

4- We will offer $120-00 refund to a runner who with draws on or before the 10th October 2018.

5- Refunds after the 10th October 2018, will be subject to the race management's discretion.

6- Providing that you keep the Race Director informed, you can trade entries (up to the 20th October 2018) if you can't run, providing you don't sell them for more than what you paid.

7- Our race entry fee is $150-00/person, and this gives you:
  • A Race T-Shirt is available for the first 20 entries, and after that, they can be purchased for $40-00 and must be ordered with your race entry (and you must pick this up at Binna Burra on Race Weekend). We might have a limited number, in minimum sizes available on the Race Weekend.
  • The choice of the 42.195km or 21.3km run on the Saturday, includes lunch, as and the 42.195km runners have the option to run the 21.3km. For those running on Sunday, lunch is also included.
  • Either the Saturday or Sunday 21.3km runs  can be run as a one-off, but this will still cost you $150-00 including lunch.

Note: Please do not phone or email us for a reduction in price because your will be doing less, because the answer will be NO, because from a Race Directors point of view, the organisation of the shorter races has similar logistical challenges.

If you are not comfortable with our entry fee and structure, please do not enter.

8- The logistics of the weekend are complicated, but once you know which race(s) you want to do, please only read the guidelines for your races. If still unclear, please email or phone us, please do not ask a friend to interpret these instructions, unless they have run the race before,

The outline of the logistics are:

(a) If you are running the 42.195km run only, you must be at Binna Burra ready to run at either 5-30AM or 7AM on the Saturday. We suggest you arrive before 30+ minutes before your start time, so that you can register etc as no race numbers will be mailed out.

(b) If you choose to run the 42.195km on Saturday, and then the 21.3km on the Sunday, you will have to bring a person who is not running on Sunday with you, to relocate your car to the Sunday finish at Green Mountains. It is only a 21.3km run, but via roads it is 60+km, on narrow winding roads, and we do not have the man power to drive your car on Sunday to the finish.

Note: If you run the 42.195km on Saturday and the 21.3km on Sunday, you are NOT eligible to win the Gary Briggs Trophy for the combined fastest time for the double crossing.

(c)  If you are running the 21km run only on Saturday, you must be at Binna Burra ready to be transported to the start at 6-10AM on Saturday (We suggest you arrive before 6-00AM.)

(d) If you are running the 21.3km on Saturday, and then the 21.3km back to Green Mountains on Sunday, you must be at the park in Canunga for the race briefing at 7-00AM on the Saturday.

Unless you make other arrangements we will transport your personal overnight gear from Canunga to Binna Burra for you, and then on Sunday, we will transport your personal gear from Binna Burra to the Sunday finish at Green Mountains.

Parking is limited at Green Mountains, so we will car pool from Canunga to Green Mountains. If your car is left at Canunga, then on Sunday after the race, we will transport you back to Canunga.

Note A: It is important that your car is at either Canunga or Green Mountain, because on Sunday, there will be no way of getting a runner back to Binna Burra, unless he/she choses to run (and carry all of their own gear as well).

Note B: We will do everything possible to both explain and put in place the procedures, you must accept responsibility in ensuring that your sleeping gear and your car are in the right place when you need them.

9- We have 20 places available in the Bunkhouse for runners, and the cost is $40-00, whether you use the bunkhouse on Friday or Saturday Night or both. This also includes a light breakfast.

If you are allocated a place in the Bunkhouse, then you may be sharing with 5 other runners, and that is the way it is. You need to be 18 years old to stay in the bunkhouse.

Thin mattresses are provided, but you must provide your bedding (please assume that it will be cold overnight), and you will use the adjacent camping grounds bathrooms for showering etc.

10- If you chose not to stay in the bunkhouse, or if there are no places left in the bunkhouse, you must arrange your own sleeping accommodation.

Binna Burra has a camping/caravan park. It also has 'Safari Tents', which are weather proof, and have beds with mattresses, but you must provide your own bedding, and use the camp ground faculties.

Binna Burra also has 'Motel/Lodge' style accommodation, which is about a 400metre walk from Race Headquarters.

You must book the camp ground, Safari Tents or Motel units yourself. The link is:
Note: If booking the Motel/Lodge, please ensure you know what you are booking, as some tariffs have meals included, and some don't. We are also providing meals at the bunkhouse (breakfast, lunch etc), so please work out where you want to eat.

11- If you are camping or in a Safari tent (must be booked and paid for online with Binna Burra Lodge-see above)),  you can join us in the Bunkhouse Common room for Breakfast at $10/person(Whether it be 1 or 2 Breakfasts).

12- If you have small children with you, the Bunkhouse Common room has a stove and a microwave, so if you need to prepare some meals for your children, please make use of these facilities.

13- If you are arriving on Friday afternoon/night you will have to provide your own Friday evening meal.

14- Saturday Night will be a 2 course sit down meal in the "Tea Room".  The Tea Room has a bar where you can buy your drinks, and there is NO BYO.  Please book your meal online with us. ($35-00/person)

Note: We will be making Saturdays presentations at this function, and if you do not join us for dinner, please wander into the Tea House at about 7PM for the presentations..

17- The Saturday meal for children, maybe as basic as 'Chips and Nuggets’, please email or phone us for details.

18- If on the Saturday Night your children eat prior to the dinner, then they are welcome to find a quiet corner in the Tea Room to read, play on your iPad  etc.

19- There is no Prize Money for this event, but there are trophies (sorry no age categories)

20- Your safety is foremost in our minds, and that of the QPWS, therefore, if for any reason either Race Management of the QPWS believe it unsafe for the race to proceed, for any reason at all(but mainly due to the weather or possible fire hazards), and cancellation can be as late as 1min before race start.(Note: once started, because of the inaccessibility of the course, we can't actually stop the race.)

If the race is cancelled or postponed, then the liability of the race management will be limited to what is paid by you on this entry form less $30-00 for administration (to cover fixed costs incurred.)

In the event of race cancellation, neither the QPWS or race management will be liable for any costs you have incurred to others (including, but not limited to, airlines, hotels, etc) in planning and travelling to this race.

21- With respect to your safety, we have assumed that you are fit, healthy and well trained to cover the distance of the race you have chosen to enter, which are run on a Class 4 walking track.

We have taken every reasonable precaution in our planning, to ensure your safety, but ultimately, you are in control of the speed you move at, and your footfall, and a Class 4 track is very uncertain under foot, and runners falling over  is a common occurrence, therefore you need to be aware of the following:

  • Our tail sweepers will be carrying a basic 1st aid kit, but they will only be equipped to treat minor scratches and abrasions and carry a recognised 1st Aid qualification
  • The tail sweepers are normally about 15min to 30 mins behind the last runner each day.
  • At the finish line each day, there will be a qualified First Aid person.
  • If you fall, and become incapacitated, it could take several hours for qualified medical assistance to reach you (please assume 4 to 6 hours to get you out of the forest depending on the location where you become incapacitated), so if you have a heart condition, know or unknown and not disclosed to us, you will probably die in the forest.
  • If you cannot walk out of the Forest, you will be carried out on a stretcher, as the tree canopy is too dense for a Helicopter rescue.  If when you are clear of the forest, you need Helicopter evacuation to hospital, this decision will be made by the Race medical team in consultation with the QPWS on the behalf of you and your family. The cost of any evacuation of you for any reason, by any means will be at your cost, and neither the QPWS nor the race management will be liable for these costs.
Please consider this before you enter!
  • If you come across an injured runner or a runner in distress who is alone, as a trail runner, you are expect to stop (basic track etiquette) render all possible assistance  until a more qualified person arrives. No incapacitated runner must be left alone on the track (remember the sweeper will be behind you).
22- You should also be aware, that we only provide a water stop at both the Binna Burra end of the course and the Green Mountain end of the course, and there are no formal drinks/refreshment stops in-between(which is 21.3km), therefore you must make your own arrangements to rehydrate yourself, and this means you must carry sufficient fluids for your rehydration needs, which will vary depending on the daily temperature. You will also run the 21.3km in a time about 30% slower than on a flat road, so please factor this extra time into your personal hydration plan.

There is a creek with drinkable water about 7km from the Binna Burra end of the course, which has had reliable water for 30+ years, but until were check the course the day before the race, we will not be able to confirm its suitability as an emergency drink stop.

23- By entering this event, you consent to your personal information being provided to Athletics Australia Ltd and the Athletics Association in your home state for the purpose of registering you as a recreational running class of member of your relevant state association for administering the iRun program. You further consent to receiving information (including via iRun and email) about the iRun program including details of other events and special offers or promotions is required.

Please note:  All of the above is very onerous, and unlike a lot of races, it places a lot of responsibility on you to take care of yourself and fellow runners, and this is necessary as the race crosses a reasonably rugged terrain, only accessible via a narrow rough walking track and because of the tree canopy, there is no way a Helicopter can rescue you.  If the above makes you uncomfortable, please do not enter.

If you do enter, you are going to have a great weekend, make new friends, and have an experience which to the best of our knowledge is unmatched elsewhere in the world.

Note: If you do not understand any of the above, please phone Bruce (0433 242 748) for clarification/explanation.

You can also join us on FB at: