South Australian Ocean Paddlers


Sunday, 24 June 2018 - Thursday, 28 February 2019


Somerton SLSC

EVENT SERIES DIRECTOR:                  Wayne Jones               0418 800 921

Event: SA Ocean Paddlers Series Race 2 

When: Sunday 26th August. Race start 2pm. (rego mark off from 1:15, briefing 1:40, on the water 1:50)

Where: Grange to Brighton


  • $20 base entry fee ($15 for U19 - U19's must be SLSA Bronze Holder)
  • $15 event insurance - Only required for non-financial members of a canoe club affiliated with Paddle Australia. (Canoe SA will cross check details)

Race Rules:

  • Refunds: Refunds for entry fees/insurance is not offered if you don't turn up/ choose not to race on the day. If the race is cancelled due to unforeseen weather conditions, you can elect to have a refund or the amount will carry forward as a credit to the next race (the default).
  •  Communication:In the event a race is cancelled all paddlers will be notified via email, Facebook and/or sms. Check the SA Ocean Paddlers Facebook page for regular updates
  • Safety Equipment Requirements: All paddlers must wear a fluro type 2 PFD, fluro cap and leg rope and carry a flare (within expiry) and appropriate hydration. If your PDF is not fluro, you must wear a fluro rash shirt under the PDF. You will not be able to race unless you satisfy these safety equipment requirements.
  • Other Paddler Responsibilities:
    •  Paddlers must obey race referee and starter and all water safety craft.
    •  Paddlers must organise a driver with a trailer to drop them off who can also be available if they retire from the race. This is also their emergency contact.
    •  Paddlers must aid others in trouble.
  •  Race Management:
    •  Race Committee: A Race Committee will be appointed for the event.
    •  The Race Committee (RC) will direct all matters relating to the actual conduct of the competition.
    •  The RC shall consult and seek advice from appropriate officials, athletes and other personnel on surf conditions and safety issues when required.
    •  The Race Committee will comprise Wayne Jones, Craig Burton and other appointed members..
    •  Race numbers are required and can be purchased at the registration tent for $7 (for all craft).
    •  Course is subject to change at the discretion of the Race Referee. It may be modified to take advantage of the weather conditions or safety preparation
    •  Craft will be subject to a seaworthiness safety check.
  •  Contingency Plan: Should, at any stage prior to or during a race, there is a credible basis for concluding there is an unreasonable risk of serious injury occurring, the Race Committee and or appropriate officials shall suspend all or parts of the competition. The Race Committee shall then decide whether to postpone, cancel or relocate all or parts of the race. Should a risk assessment indicate that part or all of the competition not be conducted because of adverse weather or surf conditions, or another threat, the Race Committee will again decide whether to postpone or cancel all or parts of the competition.


If you have any comments or complaints about the events and/or how they are run, including water safety, it would be appreciated if you could convey them to me in the first instance before commenting on social media, or alternatively sent via email to