Registrations are closed

Registrations are now closed. Registration available on the day.


Tingira Boat Club


Saturday, 13 May 2017 - Sunday, 14 May 2017


Macleay Island

Registration closes on:

Friday, 12 May 2017 at 5:00 PM - (GMT+10:00) Brisbane

       9th   Macleay Island Classic 2017

All events

Please read this document before registering

When                      Saturday May 13 and Sunday May 14, 2017

Where                      Tingira Boat Club

                                  91 Coast Rd. Macleay Island,

                                   Queensland 4184


Race Distance         15 km around Macleay Island in an anticlockwise direction.

                               Start/finish Tingira Boat Club


                                Entry Close             May 12, 2017 at 5.00 pm

                                                                  Entries available on the day.


                     Contact Details        Event Director  Neville Prosser


                                                   Mobile  0425 798 750


                     Weekend Program


                               Starting in at the Tingira Boat Club to circumnavigate Macleay Island and finish back at the Tingira Boat Club.


Saturday May 13    Relay Race and Stand-up Paddlers

                                                   Registrations Open 7.30 am

                                                   You must confirm registration on the day.

                                                   Briefing         9.30 am

                                                    Start             10.00 am

                                                     High tide       May 13.  11.15 am 1.91 m


Dragon Boat Regatta

The Tingira Boat Club is inviting corporate teams to enjoy a fun day competing in the Club’s Dragon Boats.  Businesses and organisations may form a team made up of staff, members, customers or ring-ins to compete for the Tingira Dragons’ Trophy. There will be volunteer paddlers on hand if you are unable to acquire the 20 paddlers required.  If you would like to take advantage of free coaching from the Tingira Dragons contact Loretta on 0400 191 770.

Registrations Open 7.30 am


You must confirm registration on the day.


Relay Race             In teams of five, paddlers will take a leg each to paddle around Macleay Island. They will compete for the Tingira Boat Club Relay Trophy. (this does not include dragon boats)

Entry fee                

Relay Race             $75.00 per team

Dragon Boats          $75.00 per team

SUPs                      $30.00 per paddler



Sunday May 14

Main Event             Starting in at the Tingira Boat Club to circumnavigate Macleay Island and finish back at the Tingira Boat Club.


                              Registration   from 7.30 am

                               Briefing 10.00 am

                                Start 10.30 am

                               High Tide May 14.  11.45 am 1.84 m


Team Event            After a successful trial last year the race organisers have decided include the team event again this year.  Teams i.e. Canoe Clubs will be able to register online and invite their members to join the team. At the end of the race, the times of the first six team members will be totalled and the winning time will win the trophy. Single crafts only.

Competitors will still be eligible for the individual prizes, i.e. First, second and third and categories.


Entry fee                 Main event    $30 (singles)

                               Doubles        $45 (per craft)



Prizes                      1st Male $400.00, Female $400.00

                                 2nd Male $250.00, Female $250.00

                                  3rd Male $100.00, Female $100.00

                                  Awarded to OC1 only.


By popular demand the race organisers have decided to recognise the outriggers who enter our race.  This year we are introducing prize money for OC1’s

                                                1st Male $250.00, Female $250.00

                                                   2nd Male $150.00, Female $150.00

                                                   3rd Male $50.00, Female $50.00

Categories               Medals awarded to winner of each categories.  (Age and Craft)


Transport                Preferred option  

It is only a 4km paddle from Victoria Point to the Tingira Boat Club, so competitors are encouraged to paddle across on the Saturday or Sunday morning.  A boat will be in place at the Victoria Point Boat Ramp at 9.00 am on each day to guide competitors across.


Please keep clear of shallow water.



Stradbroke Car Ferries leave from Redland Bay Bookings ring  07 3488 5300 or book online.

Those wishing to bring their vehicle across, can book the barge by phoning 07 3488 5300

Time Table and online booking at


Family and support team

Translink Passenger ferries also leaves from Redland Bay. (Weinnu Creek)

Bus transfer available on Island between passenger ferry and Tingira Boat Club are available on Saturday and Sunday.




Event Dinner           To launch the 9th Macleay Island Classic an event dinner will be held at the Tingira Boat Club at 6.00pm on Saturday May 13, 2017  All invited!  Come early to the Island and enjoy what we have to offer.   Book now at


Accommodation       Bring the family and friends and enjoy the weekend on the Island.  Accommodation in the form of B&Bs is available.


                               Or for those prepared to rough it, the Tingira Boat Club has offered the use of their deck and marquee.  Bring your own bedding.  Toilets and outside cold shower available.


Catering                  Breakfast will be served on Saturday and Sunday morning at a reasonable price as will food and drink throughout the day.  Bar opens at 12.00 noon.




Terms and Conditions


Entry conditions



Ä  All paddlers must be experienced and competent at the craft.  Officials reserve the right to remove paddlers deemed as not capable of paddling the craft in the waters of this event.

Ä  All competitors must be able to swim 40 meters

Ä  Craft must have fixed or inbuilt buoyancy

Ä  All paddlers must wear a lifejacket. 

Ä  All paddlers must be attached to the craft via an approved leg rope or leash.

Ä  All paddlers must carry at least 2L drinking water

Ä  All paddlers must wear a minimum short sleeve rash shirt for sun protection.

Ä  It is recommended paddlers carry a whistle

Ä  It is recommended that paddlers carry a mobile phone



 Conditions and information


Please note the following information:


Ä  The water conditions can vary on the Eastern side of the island and the organisers reserve the right to alter the course to ensure the safety of participants

Ä  Canoeists will be led and followed by a safety boat.

Ä  Two Check Boats will be positioned around the course.  All competitors must pass between the Check Boat and marker buoy and call out their number as they pass.

Ä  Competitors are required to call their number at the finish.

Ä  Power craft are to be expected in these waters

Ä  All competitors must give way to ferries at the southern end of the Island and must obey the red and green flags displayed by observation boats at the ferry crossing point.  Failure to do so will cause disqualification

Ä  Competitors needing assistance must be assisted by the nearest paddlers.  A time redress can be applied for immediately after the finish

Ä  ICF Draft Ocean Racing rules will apply where reasonable and relevant

Ä  All competitors must arrive early enough for re-registration on the day.

Ä  All competitors must be present for the briefing at 10.00 am

Ä  Further information will be posted on  and posted on the day at the registration area which competitors are required to read. It is the competitor’s responsibility to know the rules of the race. A briefing session will be held prior to the start of the race.

Ä  Competitors in the relay race must change paddlers at each change point

Ä  Tingira Boat Club (Start/finish) 91 Coast Rd. Macleay Island 4184

Coordinates        27 – 35 – 55 S   153 – 21 – 10 E