Registrations are closed

Registrations are now closed for the 2017 Victorian Wingless Sprint Title.


Victorian Wingless Sprints


Saturday, 1 April 2017


Western Speedway Hamilton

Registration closes on:

Friday, 24 March 2017 at 11:59 PM - (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Victorian Wingless Sprints Inc 


The 2016/17 The Tyre Factory Warrnambool Victorian Title In association with Speedway Australia

Venue: Western Speedway, Hamilton

Location: 7 N Boundary Rd, Hamilton 

Date: Saturday 1stApril, 2017

Conditions of Entry

Only Australian Residents/Citizens who hold a current SCCA Inc. competitors license and have competed with an AWSR or State Club a min of 3 races in the past 12 months will be eligible to compete in the 2017 Victorian Wingless Sprint Title. Both the car owner and the car driver (if different) must be financial members of an AWSR Inc. affiliated Club and SCCA & AWSR fees must be fully paid.

The 2017 Victorian Wingless Sprint Title will be conducted under the current rules and regulations of AWSR Inc. & SCCA Inc. and anybody or any vehicle that does not comply shall be excluded.

It is the responsibility of both the owner and the driver to ensure the vehicle is legal and that penalties, including suspension, are applicable for breaches of engine rules.

Any car which fails to pass pre or post-race scrutineering will forfeit all prize money, tow money and trophies for this event.

All engines may be checked at any time before or after the meeting


(a) I/We participate in the Event at my own risk and that I accept full responsibility for my actions or omissions in any way relating to the Event;

(b) I/We shall not make any claim against the Organiser, officials, any wingless sprint owners or any other driver in respect of any loss, damage or injury either to myself or any property in my care and control that arises out of or is in any way relating to my participation in the Event;

(c) I/We will indemnify the Organiser and officials in respect of any claim (including legal costs on a party/party basis) made by any person against the Organisers and officials in any way relating to my participation in the Event.

NOTE: The AWSR and VWS inc. reserve the right to vary any of the Supplementary Regulations or reject any nomination should the need arise.


All drivers are to nominate by 12pm Midnight, Friday March 24 via the Register Now website.  Nominations will appear on website once accepted.

All competitors are subject to the supplementary regulations for the title.  The VWS Inc has the right to change the supplementary regulations prior to this event.  Any change to the supplementary regulations will be notified at the drivers meeting prior to commencing the event.

The VWS Inc committee reserve the right to accept or refuse any nomination.

An entry Fee of $100 is payable via the Register Now system until entries close.  See website below.

Go to

Or search VICTORIAN WINGLESS and follow the links.

Please supply Transponder Number and Bank Account details when nominating on the REGISTER NOW system.

Late Nominations:

Late Nominations will be accepted for this years Victorian title, with a $150 Late Nomination Fee applicable to all entries received after the Nomination Cut-off and no further entries will be accepted after midnight Monday March 27th, 2017.

Any late Nominations will start rear of field for all heat races.


Each competitor must run a Transponder.  Cars needing to hire a transponder will be charged an additional $30 at the time of nominating for the racemeeting.

When nominating via the REGISTER NOW system:

Please specify if you need to hire a transponder Y/N (Yes or No).

It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure their transponder is functional at all times during the event.

One way Communicators:

One way communicators are a compulsory item for the event. All drivers must have one way radio communicators and it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure it is working effectively at all times during the event.

Prize Money

All monies will be paid directly into your nominated bank account as included when nominating via REGISTER NOW system.Positions 1-5 will have Prize money paid once engine checks are completed and final results are confirmed. Positions 6 onwards will have Prize money paid within 14 days.

Event Format

11am Gates Open

12.00pm Scrutineering Commences

2.45pm Scrutineering Queue Closes


3.00pm Scrutineering and Sign in Concludes

4.15pm Drivers briefing

5.00pm Race program commences

Qualifying Heats:

Each driver will contest a total of 3 Heat races over 10 laps of duration with a maximum of 12 cars per heat

Total points from 3 rounds of heat races will make up the A-Main, B-Main, & C-Main

Point Scoring of heats will be 22, 19, 17, 15, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 4, 3, and 2.

DNF’s will accrue 0 points.

Points will be tallied at the completion of qualifying heat races.


Qualifiers 49-66 will go to the C-Main (10 Laps) with the position 1 from the C-Main to 18th starting position in the B1-Main, and position 2 from the C-Main to 18th starting position in the B2-Main.

C-Main will not form if there is less than 8 cars to start the event, if no C-Main forms Qualifiers 49 and 50 will assume starting position 18 in the B mains.


Qualifiers 15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31,33,35,37,39,41,43,45,47 and position 1 from the C-Main to the B1-Main (15 Laps) with the top 2 finishers transferring to positions 15 and 17 of the A-Main


Qualifiers16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34,36,40,42,44,46,48 and position 2 from the C-Main to the B2-Main (15 Laps) with the top 2 finishers transferring to positions 16 and 18 of the A-Main

There will be 2 emergencies for the A-Main, being 3rd place from each of the B-Mains with the transferee from the B1 main taking precedence.

18 cars to start the A-Main to be run over 30 Laps, with the qualifiers 1 to 14 directly qualifying, plus the 2 Transferees from each B1 and B2 mains.
Post Race Scrutineering:

Immediately following completion of the 2017 Victorian Wingless Sprint Title A-Main race the top 5 cars to be weighed with drivers in car and then impounded for engine checks and sealing.

Further engine checks will be carried out by approved engine checker within 21 days or as agreed by State representatives / appointed technical officers/scrutineers and be checked in accordance with “AWSR Engine Pulldown Procedure”

Provisional Trophy presentations will take place once place getters cars have been weighed. In the event of a dispute or failure to meet the engine specification, the results and trophy presentation may be amended.

Prize money and Trophies will be retained by the Victorian Wingless Sprints after the presentations if a dispute is formally and correctly lodged.

Tied Points:

If points are tied for any positions it will revert back to the fastest lap time of the drivers involved in the tied points across all 3 heats of racing only.

Rain Out / Non-running of Championship final:

There is no rain out date scheduled for this event. In the event the Victorian Wingless Sprint Title A-Main is not ran but ALL qualifying heats are completed the following will apply:

-Victorian Wingless Sprint champion will be determined from qualifying heats total point score and 50% of the Victorian Wingless Sprint Title prize pool only will be paid in the event the Title mains are not completed. Trophies will be awarded

If ALL qualifying heats are not completed the Victorian Wingless Sprint Title will not be awarded nor prize monies paid or trophies awarded.


Prize Money Structure

A MAIN     B1 MAIN     B2 MAIN     C MAIN  
1st  $2,000   1st TRANSFER   1st TRANSFER   1st TRANSFER
2nd  $1,500   2nd TRANSFER   2nd TRANSFER   2nd TRANSFER
3rd  $1,000   3rd  $        150   3rd  $         150   3rd  $    150
4th  $   800   4th  $        150   4th  $         150   4th  $    150
5th  $   600   5th  $         150   5th  $         150   5th  $    150
6th  $   500   6th  $         150   6th  $         150   6th  $    150
7th  $   450   7th  $         150   7th  $         150   7th  $    150
8th  $   400   8th  $         150   8th  $         150   8th  $    150
9th  $   350   9th  $         150   9th  $         150   9th  $    150
10th  $   300   10th  $         150   10th  $         150   10th  $    150
11th  $   250   11th  $         150   11th  $         150   11th  $    150
12th  $   250   12th  $         150   12th  $         150   12th  $    150
13th  $   250   13th  $         150   13th  $         150   13th  $    150
14th  $   250   14th  $         150   14th  $         150   14th  $    150
15th  $   250   15th  $         150   15th  $         150   15th  $    150
16th  $   250   16th  $         150   16th  $         150   16th  $    150
17th  $   250   17th  $         150   17th  $         150   17th  $    150
18th  $   250   18th  $         150   18th  $         150   18th  $    150


Event Enquiries

Contact Victorian AWSR Wingless Sprintcars via Facebook or email Bianca Reeves (VWS Secretary):