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Please read the following terms and condition prior to purchasing your One Meeting Competition Licence.


  • Please ensure you have confirmed with event organizers that One Meeting Competition Licences are permitted at your selected event.
  • Junior riders must be 7 years of age and have a Junior Coaching Program Log Book( JCP) to purchase One Meeting Competition Licence (contact MWA for more details on requirement). Please note a Kick Start Book is not JCP.
  • All applicants  SHOULD have current ambulance insurance.
  • Please be advised - if you are injured at an event, should you require transport via ambulance and do not have ambulance cover you will be liable for all costs.
  • This One Meeting Competition Licences can only be used at the nominated event.
  • Please ensure all registration details are correct prior to finalising your purchase.
  • For this licence to be valid, senior riders will be required to show proof of competency either by holding road bike licence/previously held an MA licence or being tested by a testing officer prior or at the event.

Once you have completed registration for your One Meeting Competition Licence, you will receive your licence via email, please either download a copy or save a copy to you phone as proof of purchase to be shown to the Race Secretary of the  event at  time of sign on.