Rainbow Families Council

Rainbow Families Victoria is a community organisation working for the equality and wellbeing of rainbow families and our children, and prospective parents in Victoria. A rainbow family has one or more parents or carers who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex or queer (LGBTIQ).

Founded in 2006, we have achieved major reforms at federal and state level through lobbying, media, community campaigning, submission-writing and representation to government. This work continues through community consultations and advocacy to all levels of government and across the health, community, legal and education sectors.

We connect families, children and prospective parents through community events, information forums and online groups. We partner on events, resources, projects and programs with government and service providers, and with LGBTIQ and other community organisations. We provide information and support to our communities. And we deliver advice and training to services and education providers about the needs of rainbow families and our children.

By becoming an RFV member, you directly support our work and strengthen our voice on behalf of rainbow families. Thank you!