Registrations are closed

Please use this link to register:
Mobile phone:  Registration requires a mobile phone number.  If you do not have your own, enter the mobile number of someone you know so we can contact you if there are any last minute changes to the event.
To register more than one person with a single credit card payment:  (1)  complete the Registration Details for the first person; (2) click NEXT and check the Summary; (3) click Add Another Registration; (4) repeat until you have entered all Registration Details and (4) from the Summary page, click NEXT to proceed to Payment

To register a TEAM
, select CREATE NEW TEAM, choose the Team Type, Enter the team, including password (this password will need to be provided to team members to register with the team).
To register as a member of a TEAM, select JOIN EXISTING TEAM.  Select JOIN next to the Team Name, Enter the password provided by the Team Leader, and complete the Registration Form.