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Registrations are now closed. Please contact race director on 0427517737 for availability of late entries.




Saturday, 3 December 2016


Bruny Island

Registration closes on:

Thursday, 1 December 2016 at 5:30 PM - (GMT+10:00) Hobart


Ultra Tasmania presents the 29th annual Bruny Island Ultra and Relay: Saturday Dec 3rd 2016. 

(Entries close Wednesday Dec1st 2016, no entries available on the day, unless by prior arrangement) 


 64km Solo: Solo runners choose their own start time so as to finish at the lighthouse door by 2.30pm at the very latest.

  • Earliest start time is 4.30am.
  • Maximum run time limit is 10 hours.
  • A handicap time will be worked out from recent performances.

64km Relay: Teams choose their own start time so as to finish at the Lighthouse door no earlier than 12.30pm and by 2.30pm at the very latest.

NOTE: Finish times are scheduled so presentation at Alonnah can begin by 3.15pm.

All participants are asked to be realistic with their estimated start and run times so they finish by 2.30pm and make the 30 minute car trip back to Alonnah relaxed and safe.


Drink stations will not be provided. Competitors should bring water with them to the Island. It is the responsibility of all runners to ensure they have sufficient food and liquid to see them through the run and for sustenance after the finish of the run. Gatorade and water provided at the light house Fruit is provided at the start and refreshments (soups, bread rolls, hot chips and cake) at presentations as part of your entry. All solo runners should have at least one support crew. 

RACE ENQUIRIES: Race Director 0427517737


Following the event, please join us in the beer garden at the Bruny Island Hotel Alonnah for light refreshments, available for competitors and supporters. Presentations from 3:15pm.


Rules of the road apply and all of the course will remain open to general traffic. Run on the safest side of the road, preferably right hand side, facing oncoming traffic. This complies with Athletics Australia Guidelines.  

Vehicles must display hazard blinkers and show a caution sign if possible. Runners are required to wear light coloured clothing so as to be visible to traffic. Support crews are not to travel alongside runners, a safe distance of 50m is recommended. It is preferred that support crews wait for their runners at the 2km changeover points. Avoid leaving vehicle doors open towards road and please do not stand or congregate roadside of vehicles at changeover points. Support crews of younger runners are requested to follow their competitors adhering to a 50m safe distance. Support crews and competitors must follow instructions of race referees who will be on course to ensure safety first guidelines are followed. MP3 or other musical playing devices are not permitted to be worn whilst running as they compromise safety of competitors and other road users.

Relay Changeovers Markers are placed as near as practical to every 2 km however safe pull over areas determines their placement. Relay changes must take place on right hand side of road beside 2km markers only.


Entrants in the 64km solo run must be 18 years of age on race day. 
Relay teams are entered as per the following categories dependent on best fit and competitor numbers:

    Team of six (3 to 6)

    Sporting group (3 to 7) 

    All members over 40 (3 to 6)

    Business group (3 to 10) 

    Social team (3 to 10) 

    Local team (2 to 10) 

    Senior team O/55 (3 to 10) 

    Junior (ages 10 to 17) (6 to 10) 

    Team of 2


Solo (AURA Member)  $50:00

Solo (Non AURA Member)  $60:00

Team Entrant  Each Participant  $30:00

Junior Team Entrant Each Participant  $10:00 (18 YOA or under on event day)

Due to administrative and associated event consumables refunds will not be issued. 


From the Ferry Terminal please turn left on to Missionary Road towards Barnes Bay and not the Bruny Island main road. This will reduce traffic congestion for the runners who are using the main road creating safer running conditions for all competitors. This will only add 5 minutes to your travelling time. Signs will direct vehicles to the start using this alternative route. 


Social or serious relay teams are welcome to participate. Each relay leg is approximately 2 kilometres with a roadside marker indicating changeovers. Runners may run in any order, one running per team leg. Runners may run back to back legs if the team chooses or multiples of 2km legs. When a changeover takes place, it must take place on the right hand side of the road, and at designated areas indicated with the changeover markers. (This is an important race requirement for safety reasons).


Please support this worthy cause by raising awareness and valuable funding. Donations page within entry form