Melbourne High School Old Boys Football Club


In order to be considered for selection in Round 1, all players must be financial, or have made an arrangement with the committee.

As usual the playing fees are broken into Senior / Reserve, Student and Under 19s.  New Senior / Reserve and Student players in 2016 should select the "New Player" fees to receive a club hoodie and polo top.  In 2016 it will be compulsory for all senior and reserve players to wear their hoodie and polo to all games.  Existing players who need a new hoody or polo should speak to Kylie da Fonte or Warren Fall.

If you have any issues with paying your fees please speak to Tim Harper, Anthony Svirskis, Matt Nicholas, Bernie Pretty or Warren Fall and we will be able to work out a payment plan.  Any discussions will of course be confidential.


Seniors / Reserves - New Player (incl hoodie and polo) – $420

Seniors / Reserves - Existing Player - $380

Students - New Player (incl hoodie and polo) – $360

Students - Existing Player - $320

Under 19s – $180

Each fee option can also be paid in 4 x monthly installments (eg Senior / Reserve Existing Player = 4 x monthly payments of $95).

Clubbies will still be asked to pay a cash amount for each game that they play.  Please speak to Doc Wright or Coxy if you need more details on this.