Registrations are closed

Registrations are now closed.

Sunday 6 March 2016

Duncan Mackinnon  athletic track 

Registered interstate or overseas master's athletes are welcome to compete and will be awarded any appropriate place medal but will not displace a VMA member for a place.

All VMA entrants must be registered for 2016 and wear their state uniform

Events in order: 
Women: 100m, shot, LJ, javelin, 800m
Men: LJ, Javelin, 200m, discus, 1500m

Check-in: 11:30am  Start: 12 noon first event

For any further queries please  contact Tony Bradford  on  0447 139 202

Additional information
  1. The event is open to financial members of the VMA. To become a financial member click HERE to go to the registration page and uniform order area.
  2. To be elligible for VMA medals participants MUST wear VMA uniform. This can be done going to the home page of the website and clicking on the "Merchandise" link on the right hand side  under the registration information. Alternatively click HERE to go directly to the merchandise page.