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Welcome to the official merchandise page for PIH for 2017.

Nominate for pick up at either our Applecross or Balcatta clinic.
purchases must be picked up at your nominated clinic location.

Please ensure that you choose your sizes carefully as we offer no REFUNDS or EXCHANGES once your gear has been ordered.

BBB Cycling merchandise and accessories for your bike, and Polar cycling computers, heart rate monitors and GPS watches & activity trackers at below RRP prices!

BBB Cycling stock

From the start of BBB Cycling one thing was key: high quality cycling products at a good price point. With that in mind BBB Cycling was founded in 1998 and in the meantime this still is one of our core values. What started as a brand with a modest amount of products as glasses and brake shoes, nowadays is a worldwide market leader with over 1500 products spread out over 40 different product categories and sold in 48 countries.

We design and create all our products with our own developers. They do their utmost to work every single day on new innovative and high quality cycling accessories for the hard core pro cyclist or the beginner. BBB Cycling developed itself as a market leader by thinking practical and listen carefully to the feedback out of various collaborations. And of course, being passionate cyclists ourselves helps as well.

Helmet Shield
– RRP $34.99, PIH $25.00 lightweight, wind and waterproof silicon cover for your helmet. One size fits most helmets, black only

Stormshield Jacket – RRP $119.99, PIH $85.00 lightweight wind and water-proof jacket. Full length zipper, unisex sizing, translucent.

Transshield Jacket – RRP $79.99, PIH $58.00 lightweight windproof and water-repellent jacket. Full length zipper, unisex sizing, translucent.

FIRLayer long sleeved winter base layer - RRP $79.99, PIH $52.00 Base layer for the most freezing circumstances. Due to the Far InfraRed (FIR) technology the FIRlayer can keep thin, while maintaining its insulation power. Its an excellent first layer for all your outdoor activities like cycling, ice skating or running.

Baselayer Short sleeved and sleeveless summer base layer – RRP $54.99, PIH $40.00 keeps you dry and cool during indoor and warm conditions. CoolControl fabric regulates moisture and heat balance of the body. Women’s and Men’s sizing options, white only

Helmet Raincap – RRP $49.99, PIH $36.00 breathable, wind and waterproof cycling cap to wear under your helmet. Soft inner lining band. One size fits most heads, black only

Highcomfort fingerless summer gloves – RRP $39.99, PIH $28.00 lightweight, memory foam padding supports palm and lycra + mesh top for breathability. Silicone anti-slip print. Unisex sizing, Colours come in Black/Blue and Black/Neon Yellow

Neoshield full finger winter gloves – RRP $59.99, PIH $38.00 neoprene waterproof gloves, anti-slip print on palm. Extra-long cuff to keep wind and rain out. Unisex sizing, black only.

Raceshield full finger winter gloves – RRP $34.99, PIH $22.00 for mildly cold conditions, suited to sprint and autumn. Anti-slip print on palm. Extra-long cuff to keep wind and rain out. Unisex sizing, black or neon yellow.

Speedflex winter shoe cover – RRP $69.99, PIH $45.00 best protection against rain, reflective artwork for extra visibility. Industrial zipper. Black only

Toeshield shoe cover – RRP $29.99, PIH $20.00 for low but dry temperatures. Water repellent, light-weight and windproof. Cleat compatible. Black only

Swatcombo front and rear lights – RRP $149.99, PIH $105.00 usb rechargeable. FRONT 120 Lumen XPE CREE LED, one mode (on or off). REAR COB (chips on board) red LED, extra side visibility, 3 modes (high/low beam, flash)

Strikecombo front and rear lights – RRP $149.99, PIH $105.00 usb rechargeable, front has option of also replacing internal battery. FRONT 300 Lumen XPE CREE LED, 5 modes (super high/high/standard/low beam, flash). REAR COB red LED, 4 modes (high/standard/low beam and flash)

Curvepack Saddlebag – RRP $39.99 (S) $49.99 (M, L), PIH $26.00 (S) $30.00 (M, L) locakable waterproof zipper, LED tail light mounting strap, reflective strip on back, T-buckle system for easy installation and removal, rubber seat post strap for stability and prevents damage to post and lycra. Small (0.36L), Medium (0.52L) or Large (0.69L)

Flexcage bottlecage – RRP $29.99, PIH $20.00 lightweight composite, auto-adjust flex system for secure fit, stainless steel bolts, 31g. Colours come in Black/Green and Black/Blue

Primefold S minitool – RRP $34.99, PIH $24.00 high-end folding tool with chrome plated tools. Lightweight blue anodized aluminium case. 9 functions: Hex keys 2, 2.5, 5, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm, Philips screw driver and T25 Torx

Airstrike floor pump – RRP $89.99, PIH $60.00 extra long floor pump, inflates to 11 bar / 160psi. TwistHead pumphead fits Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valves. 

CO2 EasyAir - RRP $39.00, PIH $28.00 CO2 cartridge and foam cover with full aluminium pumphead. As a safety feature the cartridge and inflator head can be mounted without opening the cartridge and prevents air leakage. Fits Presta and Schrader

Echelon Saddle - RRP $159.99, PIH $95.00 The Echelon combines ultimate performance with ultimate comfort. The large cut-out eliminates pressure points in the perineal area and keeps the blood flow intact, even in the most inclined riding positions. The hard density Lightfoam provides good support on longer rides. High performance Road/MTB saddle for competitive cycling posture.

Hoseroad Telescopic handpump  - RRP $59.99, PIH $40.00 lightweight aluminum mini pump, inflates to 8 bar/115 psi. Screw on valve system fits both Presta and Schrader valves. Comes with mounting bracket.

Winterhat windblock cap - RRP $29.99, PIH $22.00 Trioxx material band covers ears and forehead for wind protection, longer back for neck protection. Fits comfortably under a helmet. 

Comforthead cap - RRP $29.99, PIH $22.00 Keeps sweat out of your eyes during rides, lycra band ensures perfect fit and mesh top panels for extra ventilation. Fits comfortably under a helmet.

Comfortneck cycling scarf - RRP $29.99, PIH $22.00 seamless cycling scarf (also know as a buff). Lightweight 100% polyester, in black or white. 

Speedpack saddlebag - RRP $34.99 (S) $39.99 (M) $44.99 (L), PIH $26.00 (S), $29.00 (M), $34.00 (L) like the Curvepack, but with a velcro mounting system to the saddle rather than a T-bar. Blue interior with inside pocket for optimal visibility of contents. Rubber seat post strap for stability and prevents damage to seat post and lycra. Small (0.36L), Medium (0.52L), Large (0.69L)

Sidecage bottle cage - RRP $29.99, PIH $20.00 bottle cage with side access to bottles rather than pulling them up and out. Perfect for triathletes. Black or white in colour, choice of right opening or left opening

Tubebag Top Pack (Bento Box) - RRP $39.99, PIH $28.00, sits on the top tube for easy access to nutrition.

Torque set - RRP $129.99, PIH $85.00 Torque set with Hex keys 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and T25 torx. Protection case included. Range 2-14 Nm


Sizing Charts:


Polar Loop 2 – waterproof activity tracker Cost: $99 (RRP $119), black only



Polar A370 – waterproof fitness & activity tracker with continuous heart rate Cost: $270 (RRP $299), black or white




Polar OH1 –  optical heart rate sensor Cost: $105 (RRP $119)




Polar M200–  GPS running watch with wrist-based heart rate Cost: $179 (RRP $199), black or red



Polar M430–  GPS running watch with wrist-based heart rate and advanced training features Cost: $280 (RRP $329), dark grey, orange or white




Polar M600–  GPS smartwatch powered by Android Wear 2.0 Cost: $439 (RRP $499), black or white




Polar M460–  GPS bike computer

Computer only cost: $210 (RRP $239)

Bundle computer with H10 heart rate chest strap cost: $309 ($329)




Polar V650–  GPS bike computer and heart rate chest strap bundle Cost: $409 (RRP $449)



Polar Team Pro Shirt and H10 Heart rate monitor bundle Cost: $288 (RRP $328)
One colour only, sizes S to 3XL (see sizing chart below)
. Sold as a ‘per person’ bundle ie for use by one person only, not a team.

Meet the Polar Team Pro Shirt - a sleeveless base-layer, compression style shirt with seamless integrated sensors for measuring your Heart Rate with Polar's H10 unit - this removes the need for a chest strap

Features include:

- used with the Polar H10 heart rate unit, which clips securely into a pocket on the back of the shirt, heart rate data is obtained using the integrated sensors which sit against your skin - removing the need to use a chest strap!

- pair the H10 unit to your compatible watch for live heart rate data

- no watch? Monitor your heart rate data using Polar's free fitness app Polar Beat on your smart phone, as well as a range of other apps like Strava, MayMyRide etc

- can't train with your phone close by? Playing team sports? Swimming? Start a session in the Polar Beat app and leave your phone behind. Polar's H10 will store your heart rate data measured from the Team Pro Shirt during your session and later upload it to Polar Beat once you're done!

* note the Polar H10 is always shipped with the heart rate monitor unit AND a Polar Pro strap.