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Saturday, 18 July 2015


Enoggera Dam, The Gap

Registration closes on:

Friday, 17 July 2015 at 12:15 PM - (GMT+10:00) Brisbane


Walk about Creek Run – 9.3km – The Gap – 18 July 2015

Welcome to Walk about Creek Trails Race. Not long ago the trails around the Enoggera Dam were a no-go zone for general members of the public. 

So, it's really great that we now have access to this wonderful area.  The race starts at the Enoggera Dam Wall and finishes at the Beach of the Walk about Creek Visitors Centre, at the <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:placename w:st="on">d'Aguilar <st1:placetype w:st="on">National Park Head Quarters.  The Beach is a very popular spot in the summer months to go for a swim.  And all year around people take their canoes to water to go for a  paddle.

The finish line at the Walk about Creek beach is only 700m up the road from the start line at the Enoggera Dam Wall.  The race however leads you all the way around the reservoir for 9.3m, covering some steep hills, broad fire trails and single tracks.  

It is a great run for the very fit and also a nice social run for people who would like to run with their friends and enjoy the scenery. Field limit of 150, minimum age 18 at registration.

Spectators at the finish line will be able see their favourite runners and their competition come through with about 2km to go.  Conversely, runners can see their favourite supporters at this point.

Event date: Saturday 18 July 2015 8:00 am

Event distance: 9.5km

Start: Enoggera Dam Wall (SEQ Water), The Gap

Getting there and Parking: The Gap is about 15 minutes drive from the CBD.

Drive out to The Gap along Waterworks Road towards Mt Nebo and turn left just before the Park ‘n Ride at the end of The Gap and park inside the SEQWater gates, this is about 200m from the start line.

Bussing it: consider taking the bus (385), which stops at the bus depot of The Gap Park ‘n Ride, which is right were you want to be, with only a 300m walk to the start line.

Finish: the ‘Beach’ at the Walk about Creek visitor’s centre, HQ d’Aguilar National Park, The Gap

Finishers’ bags: A vehicle/trailer is provided at the start line to carry your finishing gear to the finish line.  Make sure you pack a towel to sit on in the shuttle bus.

Return to parking: 700m walk.  However, we may provide a shuttle bus if there are park constructions in the area.

Number of participants: 150

Checkpoint: about ½ way: at this checkpoint your bib number will be recorded and there will be a self-help first aid kit.  There are, however, no sports drinks or water provided along this course.

Hydration and Fuel: You need to carry at least 500ml of water, as there is no water or sports drink provided on the course.  It is also important that you are properly hydrated and fuelled-up at the start of the race.  Please take enough supplies with you to last you for the duration of the run, but take your litter with you.

Course familiarisation: The course will be marked, but please make sure you read the course information, so that you know where you are going.   TRAQ may organise a training run 2 weeks out from the race, so keep your eye out for this on the web page and on Facebook.

First Aid: Qualified First Aid person at start and finish, self-help first aid kit at the ½ way check point.

Supporters: Please leave your vehicles near the dam wall and walk up to the finish line at Walk about Creek. However, if park constructions are in progress we will provide a shuttle bus. Young families and people to whom this walk is a major inconvenience can park at Walk about Creek.  Remember, spectators, that you can see your favourite runner come through from across the water when he/she has about 2km to go, so be at the finish line on time!

Catering: Morning tea, water and sports drink are provided to participants and volunteers (gluten free available).  Coffee may be purchased from the Green Frog Café (Walk about Creek Visitor’s Centre).