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Weight Management Psychology


Saturday, 16 January 2016 - Saturday, 5 November 2016


417, Dakota South, 88 Macquarie St, Teneriffe

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Saturday, 31 December 2016 at 11:59 PM - (GMT+10:00) Brisbane

Weight Management Psychology Twelve Month Transformation


Tired of weight yo-yoing, being on and off diets or unsustainable 6-12 week exercise regimes? 

Want to have a healthier body, mind, and relationship with food and activity that is sustainable?

Want to make a New Year’s Resolution that will leave you happier, healthier, and proud of your 2016 achievements?

Join the New Years Revolution!

Weight Management Psychology have teamed up with our good friends Tree of Life Nutrition and Physique Science to provide you with a transformational, person-friendly, and sustainable answer! Resulting in holistic improvements in wellbeing, the Twelve Month Transformation gives you time to make changes in natural, sensible, and sustainable ways. Following a psychologically informed, non-dieting, sustainable physical activity approach, delivered by a team of specialist professionals, your success will be measured, continuing throughout the whole year, and result in changes that last for life!

Rather than sign you up for a whole program, the Twelve Month Transformation involves regular assessments of progress, and a series of individual sessions, group activities, and short programs focusing on various psychological, nutritional, and physical changes you can pick and choose from.  As we want to make 2016 transformational for you, we strongly encourage you make a real health focus and do every element – but ultimately your involvement is up to you! 

Twelve Month Transformation Schedule of Events:

Saturday January 16th – Launch of the Transformation!  Group meet-and-greet, WMP Goal-setting© & Workshop.

Saturday March 5th 
 – Check in & Workshop “Mindset for Maintenance"

Saturday May 7th – Check in & Workshop “Developing Sustainable Eating and Moving Habits"

Saturday July 2nd – Check in & Workshop – “Transcending Emotional Eating”. 

Saturday September 3rd  - Check in & Workshop – “Building Body Acceptance”

Saturday November 5th – Check in & Group break up - FREE :-) :-) :-)


Whole Overall & Psychology program $600/$500 early bird (before 10/01/2016).  Paid in monthly installments (to help your Christmas budget!).

Group discounts also apply to the Whole Overall & Psychology Program so grab some friends, colleagues, and/or family members (and think of a cool name :-) #weareallinthistogether)! 

(20% for people bringing a friend, 25% for people bringing two, and 33% for people bringing 3 or more - discounts apply to all participants)!

Quarterly check ins and workshops are held at Weight Management Psychology, 417, Dakota South, 88 Macquarie St, Teneriffe 4005, between 9:30 and around 12:30.  They are followed by light group physical activity and lunch at Wilde Kitchen.

Interdisciplinary care available for purchase as options when purchasing program.

Dietetic: Dietetics by our psychologically minded dietitian Lisa Peterson.  Tree of Life Dietitians work closely with Weight Management Psychology and can help you incorporate the ideas from the workshops into lasting changes in everyday life!

Initial Consultation - $100.00 (normally valued at $100.00)

Subsequent Consultations - 10% off (prices vary by appointment time)


Physical activity:  Individual personal training sessions available Monday – Friday and alternating group walks/personal training sessions of a Saturday Morning with our psychologically-minded Principal of Physical Activity – Heath Mackintosh.

Block 1: Mon 25 January -  24 March (9 weeks)

One-on-one sessions $50.00/ea. Group session $125.00/Block (normally valued at $200.00)


Body composition: Cutting edge body composition analysis with a Dexa Scan by Physique Science.  Can be done at each check in (group scanning done between 7-9am) or if another time suits better, preferably BEFORE each check in!  $60.00 (normally valued at $90.00).


Medical:  We want to work with your Doctor!  We advise you see your GP BEFORE the program launch to get a full medical test*.  As the program is about holistic health, we suggest you follow up and specialist referrals and further tests recommended.  You can also ask your GP for an Enhanced Primary Care Plan, which gives 5 Medicare-rebated sessions with a dietitian and/or exercise physiologist and can be used for Ex phys/Dietitian/and Dexa Scanning (which is done with a dietitian).  You can also investigate a Mental Health Care Plan referral from your GP, which gives 10 Medicare-rebated sessions over with Glenn (Medicare rebate of $84.80/session).

(*we suggest Blood pressure, a fasting E/LFT blood test, Full Blood Count, TSH, and Cholesterol (including HDL), as well as HbA1C for people with diabetes)



Glenn Mackintosh is the Principal Psychologist at Weight Management Psychology.  He is a member of the Australian Psychological Society, a fellow of the Obesity Prevention and Treatment Society, and the Queensland representative for the APS Psychology of Eating, Weight, and Body-image Interest Group.  Before venturing into full time private practise, he was the psychology coordinator at the Wesley Lifeshape Clinic, and he also consults with Qld Bariatrics patients pre- and post- surgery.  

Glenn’s research investigated psychological and social factors and weight management, and he has lectured in weight management psychology, health psychology, and sport and exercise psychology at the University of Queensland, Griffith University, and the Australian College of Applied Psychology.  He has also developed the self-help resources Diet-Free Headphones, EFT Tapping for Weight Management (with Dr Peta Stapleton), Relaxation & Affirmation, The Walking Companion, and Weight Off Your Mind, designed for psychological education and transformation around key weight management issues.  

Glenn also features in the media regularly, having interviewed on weight related topics for Weight Watcher’s Magazine, 4BC Radio, and A Current Affair.  However, Glenn’s passion is in helping people effectively manage their weight, and training other professionals in applying psychological principals to help their clients who are grappling with weight management issues.  Glenn has presented for the Australian Psychological Society’s College of Health Psychologists and Psychology of Eating, Weight, and Body-Image Interest Groups and the Dietitians Association of Australia, Dietitian Connection and the Australian College of Weight Management on numerous occasions.