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Registrations are now closed for 2015 registrations. Select 2016 registration. If you are registering for the first time you will be recorded as a member from your date of registration through to 31/12/16

Select category:- new member, renewing member etc (if only purchasing merchandise choose  "Optional Items only") 

If there are two persons registering at the same address the first person chooses "New or lapsed member at the same address" or "Renewing first member at same address". The second person then separately registers using ".....second member at same address category. Please answer the relevant participant question.

        Note: Associate member is under 30 (generally mid 20's)


From the 1 January 2015
 renewing member fee is $45. 

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Uniforms and other Merchandise:

You may order uniforms and other merchandise shown here.

Note: For singlets chest measurement  is required (select)  as sizes are variable. All other stock sizes are quoted as S, M, L etc.

All items will need to be picked up from Ewen Wilson unless postage for items is included.

Postage is $8 for 1 to 3 items and $12 for 4 or more items.

Further assistance from Ewen : Ph. 9529 5260; Mob. 0423 424 185 or SMS.

Send an E-mail: