Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team


Saturday, 14 September 2019



Registration closes on:

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 at 5:00 PM - (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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SurnameFirst NameRegistration TypeGenderSuburb or TownCategoryAge categoryPlease list a brief history of endurance events you have completed, including results.Team NameTeamDescription
AdamsJacquiTeamFemaleTheodoreRelay TeamTeam Van TrailinAll-Female Relay Team
AdamsSteveTeamMaleHarrisonRelay TeamTeam BMMC: Hillbillies with GunsAll-Male Relay Team
AghionMadeleineTeamFemaleBRADDONRelay TeamTeam Flying Trail Purple People EatersMixed Relay Team
AlexanderBenIndividualMaleDeakinSolo AthleteMale Under 50none, but about to do Neverest  
AllenRodneyIndividualMaleJERRABOMBERRASolo AthleteMale Under 50TNF100, in 2012 and 2013, 2016 (became UTA) DNF'd at 56km due to tendon issue. Hardcore 100 Miles 2015 You Yangs. Various 50km runs.   
AllenDavidIndividualMaleHolsworthySolo AthleteMale Under 502019 Kokoda 48km Challenge (11hours55mins) 2019 Gold Coast Marathon (3hours47mins) 2019 Western Sydney Marathon (3hours55mins); 2019 UTA100 (18hours29mins); 2019 Buffalo Stampede (16hours6mins); 2019 Snowies Ulta 50km (6hours32mins); 2018 Stromlo 50km (5hours55mins); 2018 Carcoar Marathon (4hours7mins); 2018 Blackmoores Syd Marathon (4hours8mins); 2018 Mudgee Marathon (3hours56mins); 2018 Gold Coast Marathon (3hours58mins); 2018 Canberra Marathon (3hours56mins) 2018 Kokoda 48km Challenge (9hours50mins)  
AllenThomasIndividualMaleLynehamSolo AthleteMale Under 50I ran all 3 legs of the 2018 Sri Chinmoy triple triathlon. I ran the 2019 Kowen winter trail marathon in 4:12. I ran the 2019 You Yangs trail marathon in 4:30 and the following day the trail 30km in 2:45. I ran the first and second leg of the Sri Chinmoy 100km trail plus a few extra (63km all up) last weekend with Speedy Geese in 6:16.   
AllenKatieTeamFemaleMortdaleRelay TeamTeam 11th HourMixed Relay Team
AndersonKatyTeamFemaleBondi BeachRelay TeamTeam Bruce and KatyMixed Relay Team
AnswerthChrisTeamFemaleMONASHRelay TeamTeam Run the FunAll-Female Relay Team
ArmstrongMonicaTeamFemaleWrightRelay TeamTeam Achilles Canberra 101Mixed Relay Team
BadowskiPeterTeamMaleFaddenRelay TeamTeam Pioneer Legs MiserablesMixed Relay Team
BailieScottTeamMaleWrightRelay TeamTeam Running like the windedMixed Relay Team
BajaniaRajeevTeamMaleMonashRelay TeamTeam Speedy GOATsAll-Male Relay Team
BakerDrewTeamMaleNarrabundahRelay TeamTeam The Seven Yak ItchMixed Relay Team
BaldwinDavidTeamMaleMacquarieRelay TeamTeam David and JulieMixed Relay Team
BandiNarasimha RaoIndividualMaleBruceSolo AthleteMale 60-69- City2Surf - 14KMs Walk/Run on 11 th August 2019 4:21 hours - Canberra Bush Capital - Half Marathon - 2019 - 3:29 hours   
BarnesGeoffreyIndividualMaleMilperraSolo AthleteMale 50-59This event 3 times. heysen 105.  
BarrattSusieTeamFemaleCurtinRelay TeamTeam SquadMumsAll-Female Relay Team
BarrettEllieTeamFemaleNarrabundahRelay TeamTeam Kool Galz All-Female Relay Team
Registration TypeCategoryTotal Registrations
IndividualSolo Athlete57
TeamRelay Team79
Total Registrations 136
Registration TypeCategoryGenderTotal Participants
IndividualSolo AthleteFemale12
IndividualSolo AthleteMale45
TeamRelay TeamFemale139
TeamRelay TeamMale150
Total Participants  346
CategoryGenderTotal Participants
Relay TeamFemale139
Relay TeamMale150
Solo AthleteFemale12
Solo AthleteMale45
Total Participants 346
Age categoryGenderTotal Participants
Female 50-59Female3
Female Under 50Female9
Male 50-59Male11
Male 60-69Male1
Male Under 50Male33
Total Participants 346