Mackay Christian College


Saturday, 18 May 2019


Pinnacle, Mackay

Registration closes on:

Sunday, 12 May 2019 at 11:59 PM - (GMT+10:00) Brisbane

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SurnameFirst NameEvent
AndersonKellyZACH MACH Solo (18+)
BaileyStephenZACH MACH Solo (18+)
BlinesAnthonyZACH MACH Relay Team
BroadfootLouiseZACH MACH Solo (18+)
BrownseyAshleyMini MACH Solo (Min Age 11)
BrownseyNoahMini MACH Solo (Min Age 11)
BurchmannRyanZACH MACH Relay Team
CaddyTimZACH MACH Solo (18+)
ChrzanowskiSophieZACH MACH Relay Team
CrombSidonieZACH MACH Relay Team
ForsythCraigZACH MACH Relay Team
HerringtonJosiahMini MACH Solo (Min Age 11)
HerringtonTrinityMini MACH Solo (Min Age 11)
HerringtonSavannahMini MACH Solo (Min Age 11)
HerringtonDamianMini MACH Pair
HerringtonLianaMini MACH Pair
HoustonRussellZACH MACH Relay Team
HoustonPamelaZACH MACH Relay Team
MackieGailMini MACH Solo (Min Age 11)
MackieJaredMini MACH Solo (Min Age 11)
Registration TypeEventTotal Registrations
IndividualMini MACH Solo (Min Age 11)14
IndividualZACH MACH Solo (18+)10
TeamMini MACH Pair4
TeamZACH MACH Pairs3
TeamZACH MACH Relay Team7
Total Registrations 38
Registration TypeEventGenderTotal Participants
IndividualMini MACH Solo (Min Age 11)Female7
IndividualMini MACH Solo (Min Age 11)Male7
IndividualZACH MACH Solo (18+)Female2
IndividualZACH MACH Solo (18+)Male8
TeamMini MACH PairFemale3
TeamMini MACH PairMale5
TeamZACH MACH PairsFemale1
TeamZACH MACH PairsMale3
TeamZACH MACH Relay TeamFemale8
TeamZACH MACH Relay TeamMale16
Total Participants  60
CategoryGenderTotal Participants
Mini MACH PairFemale3
Mini MACH PairMale5
Mini MACH Solo (Min Age 11)Female7
Mini MACH Solo (Min Age 11)Male7
ZACH MACH PairsFemale1
ZACH MACH PairsMale3
ZACH MACH Relay TeamFemale8
ZACH MACH Relay TeamMale16
ZACH MACH Solo (18+)Female2
ZACH MACH Solo (18+)Male8
Total Participants 60