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  • Functional cloud based software that not only is easy to use, works on all platforms and is cost effective - but makes you look good!

  • We are continually told by our customers that our service is second to none!
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  • Register Now is proudly Australian Owned and Operated. Both our development and customer service teams are based in Melbourne.

Cost effective and no lock-in contracts!

We are so confident that you will be happy with our product and service that we do not lock you in, because once you've tried us out we know that you won't find a comparable product at a similar price.

Easy Set Up

Our step by step set up wizard will help you set up a beautiful looking registration form in minutes.

Collect Payments

Payments by VISA, MasterCard, and American Express (optional) cards are processed in real time online by Register Now saving you the need to set up an online merchant account.

Issue Receipts

Our system issues receipts immediately on payment both on screen and via email saving you valuable time.

Unlimited Categories

Create an unlimited number of Categories, Sub Categories and Award Categories which are automatically validated by age and gender.

Flexible Pricing

Create flexible pricing models based on ages and categories that include early bird and late entry capability. Include bulk discounts for large teams.

Teams and Families

Allow individual, team and family entries for the same event.


Data can be validated for addresses, minimum and maximum ages, age and sex categories and more.


Our bulk email facility allows you to quickly create and send emails to your participants at no cost.

Link Data

Create event registrations and use your membership list to automatically validate special pricing for members.

Reconcile Funds

Quickly and simply reconcile funds deposited into your bank account with the payments made by your customers.

Cost Effective

Register Now offers the most cost effective and risk free pricing on the market - you can even use our service for free! View our full pricing schedule – you’ll be surprised how cheap it is.

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Regular Payments

No monthly payments here! We are aware how key cashflow is for your organisation and pay directly into your bank account weekly. However, you can also choose to be paid monthly or after your event.

It's easy, just click the green "Sign up Today" button below to setup as a new client.

Signing up as a client takes less than 10 minutes. Setting up your registration form is simple with our event set up wizard - simply answer the questions and let our system do the rest!

You really could be taking online registrations minutes from now!
Once you have set up your form you are ready to start taking credit card payments.

Your customers can pay with VISA, MasterCard, and American Express (optional) cards.

Register Now processes the transaction on your behalf eliminating the need for your own merchant account. All you need is a standard bank account for us to pay the funds into.
We pay out the funds collected on behalf of our clients every Wednesday. Funds are paid directly into your bank account no matter who you bank with.
Register Now has the most competitive pricing on the market and you can even use our services for free!

We have no joining or ongoing fees. We only charge a low $1.10 fee per registration plus processing fee. That's it!

Check out our pricing page for more information. We challenge you to find more competitive pricing anywhere!
Our systems are smart. We know how important it is to verify that the data you are collecting is accurate.

Our systems automatically validate formats for phone numbers, require double entry for email addresses, check email addresses to ensure a valid domain name is used, validate postal code format, validate age-based categories against date of birth and more.

We ensure that you are not only getting the data you need, but getting accurate and usable data.