Who We Are

A small dedicated team who seamlessly bring together practical and technical experiences

The Need

After a busy 2003 summer events season with over 30 events, Chris and Matt pondered how much data they were dealing with and how much time they wasted dealing with it.

'There must be an easier way?!'

After trialing the available software offerings and experimenting with multiple content management systems which all claimed to do what we wanted, we decided that we would need to build a system that was specific to the events that we ran and timed.

Enter the mythical Canadian, Mark, who brought an international project management and software production background and the 'idea' began to conceptualise into a reality.


After a successful initial roll out we asked the question 'Why don't we make this available to everyone?'

Our software was launched in a cloud environment before the term 'cloud computing' was born and events started to take notice.

The uses are wide and varied but include fun runs, triathlons, memberships, conferences, meetings, short courses, training courses, christmas parties and ticketing just to name a few!

Register Now Today

Register Now has grown considerably since the early days with now over 1,000 clients and over 500,000 registrations per year using our systems.

After successfully launching in Canada and the UK under the banner Registration Logic there are many other countries in sight in the near future.

Register Now and Registration Logic's advantage is our small dedicated team who have a broad and strong background in event management, sports management, project management and software development.

We believe in making our systems so easy to use our customers can maintain full management over your registration forms and data. This means we do not need a large team of developers or support staff building each of your registration forms. In fact, once you have set up a form, you can simply click the 'Copy' button, change the date and you are ready to go with the next event!

The Team

All three founding members still work actively in the business and bring a level of consistency and integrity to our organisation that our customers love. After beginning in Australia, our software is now used by clients in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

We have been dedicated to keeping a lean team which has meant we have been able to consistently keep our prices as low as possible. In fact we believe our prices are the most competitive in the marketplace. If you find someone charging less for the same service offering let us know - we haven't heard of any yet!

Being a small team does not mean that we compromise on service. We believe we have the best customer service team in the industry. Every form is proactively checked as it goes live to ensure you are getting the best possible outcome. If we think it can be improved – we recommend a better process. Plus if you’ve having difficulties or simply have a question, you can call us and we will gladly help you. Check out our Clients page to learn more.

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What is it our software suitable for?


Registrations for participation, sports, fun events and more.

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Registrations for short courses, officials courses, training days and more.

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Membership registrations for clubs and associations.

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Professional looking, easy to use streamlined conference registrations.

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