New Access Registration Function

  • New Access Registration Function

    What is the reason for this new function?

    It gives your participants a fast, simple and secure way to get back to their registration, if for instance they are interrupted midway, timed out or lose connection.

    How does it work?

    Each event now has a dedicated “access my registration page” that is styled with your unique event branding. This link is specific to each event and can be added to your website.

    Great! Where can I see this magical function in play?

    The link is subtlely available on the first 3 registration pages of the system in the bottom left hand corner.

    Cool… How do I add it to my website?

    Simply copy it from the ‘Links’ page in the backend of your event setup, ie the same place that your registration link is displayed, pssst this is the very last tab of the event setup wizard… or you can click on the link button from your “my accounts” page!

    Here’s a Hot Tip: Add the link to your event marketing comms so that participants can quickly and easily get back to manage their team, individual or family registration, they’ll love you for it!

    Where will this new link take my people?

    This is a new page which inherits your own event branding and has three options:

    Option 1 - First they will need to submit their email address, pretty simple really, then we will send them an email, which will include a direct access link to any registrations they have for your event. By the way, if you’re wondering, it doesn’t matter if they do or don’t have account with us – but more on that a bit later…

    But is it secure, you’re wondering?
    So we really like security at Register Now - not just for transactions but for personal details as well, and because this process allows access to personal information, links are encrypted and valid for only 20 minutes. But don’t worry – there is a simple and instant resend button that will provide them with a fresh, new link if they get distracted by cat videos on YouTube!

    So... What happens now…?
    Alrighty, now that your participants have successfully sent an “access registration” email from the system, they can then click the access link in their email.

    Option 2 - They can Login – this option is only for users that have already created a Register Now profile. Logging in from this page means that they will be automatically directed to their registration, regardless of the participant status (incomplete, unpaid so on).

    Option 3 - They can Create their own account – users can create their own Register Now profile which will match them back up with their event registration in the system.

    Here’s a hot tip:
    You can send an access link to a participant or team captain at any time.
    Click on the “Manage” button from your event registration form, click on “People” to send to a person or “Teams/Groups” to send to a Team or Group Captain.

    We mentioned it briefly before but just in case you missed it…!

    Did you know: The Send Access Link button is available for Participants in any status – this means that you send access links to follow up incomplete and unpaid people, how handy is that?!

    Ummm, hang on, what happens if I have eTickets turned on?

    If you have eTickets turned on and people have lost or not received them, simply direct them to the “Access Registration” page for your event. When accessing their registration they will be given the choice to go directly to their eTicket or to Manage their registration.

    Wow, this all sounds so good - who is it available to?

    This function is available now on ALL registration forms across the system. We have already experienced significant use with over 1,000 participants accessing their registrations in the first 24 hours of the function being live!

    But wait there’s more just around the corner…

    Following a huge amount of prototyping and testing, the next major release includes automated follow up emails for unpaid and incomplete registrants - our take on an abandoned cart situation in the online shopping world ;) . . . release date: no later than 30 April, so stayed tuned for the next edition of Register Now news!

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    by Matt   |   Tuesday, 4 April 2017