December Newsletter

  • December Newsletter

    Welcome to our client newsletter to keep you, our clients, informed of what's happening at Register Now. Included in these newsletters will be system updates, tips, hints and other useful information!

    We recently completed a system upgrade to release a few more features into the system for your benefit.

    Import Participants
    We have added the option to be able to bulk upload participants into your event ID. This may be done for a variety of reasons including email lists, complimentary registrations and adding in on-the-day registrations after an event has occurred. The import function is available in the "Manage" section of the event details and instructions are included on the page. You can download an excel file, then upload participants back into the system as "Paid" participants.

    Registration Purge Function
    A new background task has been added into the system to remove old incomplete data. For example, an event where a person may have both a paid and an unpaid record, the unpaid / imcomplete record will be removed. This will allow for less "junk" data to be in the system and therefore more accurate data as well. In the scenario whereby you wish to send a bulk email to all "unpaid" people, the data will be more accurate and therefore the email will not be sent to the unpaid person when they also have a paid record. As the system will need to churn through nearly 13 years of old data, this will occur overnight as a background process and therefore not affect daytime usage. In the future, this will also work in tandem with our new automated email function currently being built to email those people who have had an incomplete registration in the past day encouraging them to go back and complete their registration. So the cleanup process is important to remove the non-required data before the reminder email is sent.

    New Functions - Coming Soon
    - Access My Registration
    - Nightly Email - Incomplete Registrations
    - Participant Transfers

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    We are excited about the many new functions to be added in the next couple of months as we expand the system and roll out new features.

    If you have any questions, please call us on 1800 734 669 or email us -

    by Matt   |   Thursday, 8 December 2016