October Newsletter

  • October Newsletter

    Welcome to our client newsletter to keep you, our clients, informed of what's happening at Register Now. Included in these newsletters will be system updates, tips, hints and other useful information!

    We recently completed a system upgrade to release a few more features into the system for your benefit.

    Relationships between Clients and Users
    We have begun a background task to match all existing users in the system to the corresponding client/s. This will allow our clients to have a single list of users who have registered for their events on our system. We will be adding future functions to the client portal to view / access all users associated with that single client. This may be used by the client to send emails to people on their own list for marketing of future events. This will be a powerful tool for our clients to further understand information of those who have registered for their events.

    Background process for user matching - Participants
    Another background task that we have added into the system is a user matching feature. When a person signs up as a user of Register Now, all their registrations in the system are then matched to their user details. It will then enable them to view their registrations from the past on their dashboard and thus view / edit their event registrations all from a single location.

    New Functions - Coming Soon
    - Registration purge function
    - Import Participants
    - Access My Registration
    - Nightly Email - Incomplete Registrations

    Contact Us

    We are excited about the many new functions to be added in the next couple of months as we expand the system and roll out new features.

    If you have any questions, please call us on 1800 734 669 or email us -

    by Matt   |   Saturday, 8 October 2016